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A few days back, I received the order of my phone cover from The cover was awesome, but the cover had a band around it. It showed in bold ‘BEWAKOOF’.

My first thought was, “Who would wear such a band around their wrists?”

Well, I just pulled it out to throw that away, but suddenly, I noticed a thing written at the back of it. ‘FollowYourHeart’.

Suddenly, the thing that seemed like a piece of waste a few seconds back, seemed the most meaningful thing. Well yeah, the thing was right. I should follow my heart.

But, wait. Isn’t it what we all do? Follow what our heart says? Follow our dreams? Or not?

The certain answer to this is no. We don’t follow our heart or what it says. Then why?

I guess that is what the other side of the band is about. We are afraid people might call us ‘Bewakoof’!


First thing is why should we care about what would people say? Well nowadays, every second teen says, “I don’t really care what people say. Yet, as they say, the simplest things are the hardest to do. Especially when you live in a house where your parents expect you to be something not because you are good at it, but JUST because everyone is doing it. When you think of something that might be fun, but don’t do it because you think that will make you look stupid. About this, I read a quote on the internet.

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“Only the stupid man has a potential to do something new. Because only he is the one who can see what normal people cannot.”

So I say, be stupid guys. What they will do at the worse is, put you in a mental asylum. That’s the best place to be in. For you can do whatever you want and still not be scolded, stared at till death or get beaten up. Almost every country celebrates its independence day or the national day or something else.

I guess there is no day called ‘Human day’ because the humans are still not free. They are still enslaved by abstract monsters (Well, this is kind of funny and lame too) such as society, or mentality of people.

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I guess that is the reason we see many cases of teens either ending their life or being an addict. Guess, that is why we see a 13-year-old boy smoking cigarettes.

Teenage is the most difficult stage in the life of a human being. Emotional dilemma and mood swings make it worse. How do you expect a guy to know what he wants to become at an age when all he can do is add and subtract? This fast world and the heavy competition just makes it worse. Even before a guy knows what kind of careers are available, he is probably walking on the other, the one he never had any interest in. Just to add up all this, no matter whatever you do, the society still judges you. No matter what happens at some point they will again ask you to do something you never like. And again you will end up being a racer, not a winner.

So, give up on being a person that ‘Chaar log’ want you to be. Be the person your four chambers want to be. For, after all, you are the only reason you are living. In this world, what might not be a career option for your parents might be for you. Go for it. It will save you from depression. Earn YOUR life.

The famous dialogue’s just extended here.

“Why so serious? Put a smile on your face. Let’s be BEWAKOOF”!


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Sharing is Caring-