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Since a really long time now, we have been getting warnings and notifications that we need to conserve our forests and preserve nature.

Why do we need a warning for this?

As an educated and morally sound individual, each one of us should be responsible enough and realize that Nature is a force to reckon with. It is actually a force we can’t really compete with – EVER!

Today, in Bombay, all that I see are high-rises. 50 floors, 55 floors, and even 65 floors now! They boast of being earthquake resistant and the best amenities and state-of-the-art features, of course. However, how can you ever say that your building is earthquake resistant? How do you test that? How can you prove that? What all do you have to do to ensure that it is safe?


I have the luxury of going on the beach and taking a walk or just sitting on the sand and admiring the beautiful sunset. But due to thousands of individuals deciding to throw litter on the beach and plastic in the sea, it all gets collected and the beach looks more like a dumping ground! It is very easy to say that the municipal corporation is not doing enough to keep the city clean, but very difficult for us to wait or look for a dustbin to throw trash. How difficult is it to ask the sev-puri vendor on the beach if there is a dustbin nearby or just keep the waste paper in our purse/bag and throw it in the 1st bin that we can locate easily?

Why do we have to wait for a sweeper or garbage collector/disposer to pick up all the litter that we have added on to?

I visit my maternal family in Himachal every year. In 28yrs of my life, I have seen Shimla and a lot of other beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh becoming crowded and hot. From no fans in houses, it has reached to a point where at least 60% of the locals also demand for fans in their homes due to the rising heat.


The mountains are being scraped and chopped for better transportation and more houses etc. But here, they are playing with fire. When you keep drilling holes and blasting mountains to make wider roads and create housing options, you are fidgeting with something nature created in a certain form. It is not something to be messed with.

The first thing that is taught in all schools – whichever language the school uses as a medium of communication or in however big or small city the school is, manners and good habits. In good habits they always teach children to use a dustbin and not create litter.

We even had school and college projects called “Best out of Waste”

Thus, at every step in life we have been told to be clean and also ensure that our surroundings are clean.

Being clean is not just dabbing powder or a 2800rs cream to look awesome. It also means that you keep your home, surroundings and workplace etc clean. Hygiene speaks volumes about a personality.

The amount of waste that goes in the sea and ocean every year is alarming. It should alarm us all the time till we do not take preventive measures and strict steps to ensure efficient waste disposal because if you notice, all the plastic and trash come back from the sea or rivers with the wave. It is nature’s way of telling you that it does not welcome garbage.

We all keep saying “global warming is a cause of concern” but do we really do anything about it? We keep the ignition on while on a traffic signal, water keeps flowing while we are brushing our teeth and washing utensils. There are a million other things that we do on a daily basis that all adds up to the nuisance called global warming.

There is soon going to be a time when people will have nth number of issues due to lack of natural resources and something as basic as water.

What I have written about is barely like a drop in the ocean. 7 billion other humans will tell you and can feel 10 billion different problems. Let us discuss them, face them and end them in a favorable manner.

All our actions are not creating a nuisance just for ourselves, but also for animals and all living creatures on Planet Earth. As people who are blessed with intellect and the ability to understand and improve living conditions – let us do that, starting now!

Let us pledge to come together and take the onus of keeping our environment clean and green. Let us give nature reasons only to smile and spread joy in the form of 4 beautiful seasons, fantastic crops and sufficient rainfall.

We call nature “mother” because it is exactly like a Mother. Cool, calm and a giver all the time. However when you cross all limits, you can never control or assume the intensity of anger.

Let us not wait for that one big act of nature that shatters us all. Let us learn to behave before nature begins to misbehave!


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Sharing is Caring-