Sharing is Caring-

In today’s times, we are all constantly in touch with our family, friends & colleagues. Vacations are also no longer actual holidays because we are reachable, thanks to wifi and our gadgets.

In the rat race to reach the top, excel in everything and be the best, what we are leaving behind are primarily, people who care about us the most. They just need few minutes of our undivided attention every day. They just want us to listen.

Sometimes, the only thing a person needs is not your opinion or advice or support, they just want you to listen to them. We all are slowly becoming judgmental and cynical which is pulling us away from our happy-go-lucky selves. Also, most of us confuse hearing with listening.

Hearing is an ability that we were born with. Listening is actually, you can say, an art that we need to develop and constantly work on. When you hear someone, you are just trying to make conversation or end it. When you listen, you absorb and understand everything that is being said and work on giving a good response or a piece of advice or encouragement.


To explain it in simple terms, when I was in school, my favorite subjects were English and Geography. I still remember everything I learnt. This is only because I was interested in them and thus I was listening to what the teachers had to say. On the other hand, I was the way AAP is against BJP when it came to Math. So in the mathematics lecture, I only heard what is being said only to sail through that subject, enough to clear the examination.

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Therefore, anything you are interested in or may benefit from is what we listen to. That is not being selfish for sure but sometimes, we have to go out of our way, out of our comfort zone to listen to someone’s issue.

Listening skills are also extremely critical for your work place and relationships, in order to avoid unnecessary obstacles and misunderstandings.


It can be anything from losing their favorite sweater or something as serious as losing a loved one or a job or things not working out positively in any sphere of life. Some situations only demand us to be a shoulder to lean on. Not saviors or martyrs, just a person who will let us pour our heart out and feel better by sharing. It can be annoying sometime but you never know when that may help you out in case you need something or are in a similar situation.

Chatting on whatsapp or liking a status on social media is not listening. You listen to a person when you give them your undivided attention.

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If your mother says she had a bad day, do not respond by saying, “you were at home, I am the one who was doing an actual job.”

1) That may probably get you slapped.

2) It is the height of being insensitive and inhuman – especially to your parent.

3) She does not want your opinion. She just wants you to listen to her and in the end, appreciate what she does for you.

The same applies to other significant as well as not too significant people.

Learn to just listen. Learn to keep your judgment to yourself and let the person who trusts you with their happiness or sorrows know that they can trust you for support or advice or both – BECAUSE YOU WILL LISTEN PATIENTLY.


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Sharing is Caring-