Sharing is Caring-

Since birth to death, we have to depend on several people. They are the only beings who can help us sort out the problems in our lives but we hate to admit their importance.

Isn’t it ethically wrong to utilize one’s potential and then take the credit? How good is it to deny someone’s importance in our journey? Who told us that life is a journey of our personal steps only and not a walk with a few more footsteps along with us?

In fact, we don’t hesitate to walk upon someone’s shoulder but hate it when it comes to applauding them.

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It is also not wrong to walk along with someone who understands your journey and helps you in crossing all hurdles. A mind with the same understanding is something that everybody asks for. But when we really get one, we refuse to give them due importance. We tend to become selfish while mentioning them.

We, usually, say that this is my life and I want to live it by myself. But how does this life become only ours when we are given birth by someone else and after death, we would be taken to the last walk on someone else’s shoulder?


We have got a quite distasteful habit of appreciating dark over the shiny.

We discuss more about our problems and less about the solutions. This habit, ultimately, pushes us to ignore the important people and discuss only the negative side of people in our lives.

Many a time, we fall for someone who ignores us and we ignore people who love us. But that will never yield us consistency in life. Moments of happiness are always dwarf ahead of the consistent smile.

We need to appreciate qualities of people and treasure them rather than pointing out their short comes and then ignoring them.

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Denying good to hope for better is never a genius idea. The mildest point of notice is that we can only make those things better, which once were good. So let’s water the good of today to eat the better of tomorrow. Let’s take everybody suitable for our life along with our journey to help us in every step.

Life’s too short to negotiate on the scale of people and at the same moment, it becomes too long to become rigid upon our wrong decisions.

Love whoever wishes to keep you happy and make them happy whoever wishes to love joining you in your life journey.

There’s nothing like MY LIFE. Even your own life is linked with a number of people and they need to be treated with the respect and love.


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Sharing is Caring-