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“Oh My God, just 10 days left for finals.”- By student

So what?

“You still have ten days. It means you have enough time.” – Your words

Just say this to every student who is going to appear for board exams.

Nowadays, in the competitive era, parents put more pressure on their child. As the child enters in grade ten, parents fill their mind with a number of things.

Before telling a child about the importance of board exams, the child is made aware of danger zones. At this stage, parents should guide their child from bottom to top. Instead of putting the heavy load, make them feel relaxed.

From the beginning of the year child studies, but when exam days come near they are restless. It is commonly seen in all students. Those are the moments when special care should be taken. These few days are the most precious days of every student’s life. They are considered as last minute preparation. During these days students should follow these five tips.

1) Sleep well

Most of the time it is seen that students study till late nights and get up early in the mornings too. They think no time is left with them as it’s high time. One should always remember that minds work at their finest when they get proper rest. When you spend more time in studies without rest, you get more tired. You need to sleep at least 6 hours a day.

When you sleep, your brain gets rest which is important for proper functioning. If you think you can score well by studying whole night then it’s wrong. In this way, you will give burden to our mind. If you don’t get required sleep then your strength reduces.

Even electronic machines need rest; your body also needs the energy to work smoothly. For the fresh mind, 6 hours sleep is a must.

2) Refer notes and class content

After getting exam hall tickets by the school, you are left with the limited time period. You should utilize it wisely. Instead of studying the whole book thoroughly, you should go through your handmade notes which you prepared during study hours. If you don’t have the habit of preparing notes, you might be marking some important sentences of the answers, read them. You should read the notes and try to understand the content, no need to cram the answers by heart. Instead of cramming the answers understand the concept by heart. Using handmade notes or class content at the last minute will help a lot by saving your time and energy. It will help you in quick revision.

3) Time management

You should know proper time management. You should be well aware of your limited time. Set your time table in such a way that you spend 13-14 hours in studies with required breaks for relaxation. Give at least 2 hours for each subject for revision. While studying, keep your gadgets away from you to avoid distraction. Sit in a quiet place where no one can disturb you. You should take small breaks after 60 minutes. These small breaks will help you for relaxation of your body and mind. Manage your time in such way that you get enough time completion of your content. Don’t forget to keep an hour or two for sum up of the day. In sum up, you should revise your work of the entire day. This will help in self-satisfaction.

4) Healthy food

You should always have healthy food during exams. You should avoid junk food as it can affect your health. The healthy diet will increase your energy level and will keep you fit. It is believed that almonds help in increasing memory power. Soak few (10-15) almonds at night in water and eat those almonds in morning. Instead of eating food prepared a day before by preserving in the refrigerator, try to have freshly prepared food. You should add good nutrition food as a part of your study plan because it is going to help you ace those tests. Vehicles need petrol and diesel as their fuel, in the same way, your brain needs healthy food for smooth functioning.

5) Stay positive

The most important thing is to be positive till the last moment. No matter how much work is pending to revise or what’s your pressure level, you should always remember to stay positive. Your positive thoughts will help you to meet your targets. Fear, regret, negative thoughts will reduce your energy and confidence level. Positivity will help you to manage your time, things and will give you proper track of work. Avoid negative talks and dreaming about things which are just your illusion. You need to stick to your timetable and try hard to meet the targets. Note down each and everything so that you don’t have to rush at the final moment.

Instead of surrounding yourself with false fears, try to engage yourself in studies. Take proper rest and diet to avoid health issues during exams.

Don’t think what will happen, just remember you have to give your best. You have to study hard and manage your time wisely.

Don’t waste your present by wasting time in thinking about future which is still in your hands just you have to stay focused.

If you are an early bird then would be glad to know that our mind works 100% at 4 am.

Late night brain also works good but early mornings are preferred more.

Follow these tips and excel.

All the best!

Shine brightly!

Sharing is Caring-