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We have all been given a blissful life with the similar physical attributes and a wonderful mind.However, on the contrary at the time when a generation is around to end, we find that only a few among them have been able to find a name in the history books.

Ever wondered what becomes different in their journey, which makes them immortal in our minds?

Even borne with the same levels of mind, why only a few of them manage to get that level and not everyone?

Well, if we peer into their lives sharply, we find a simple dedication which molded their life and that dedication were termed as AMBITION for the upcoming progenies of them.


Ambition is nothing but a dream which keeps you awake every second and haunts you of your life ahead. Ambition is the strength which any mind can sprout but only a few of them waters them to get germinated. And those who watered it well and took care of the roots are now prospering into the ever fruitful tree of success. It is the only shine which can remove those dusts of confusion, depression and lack of self-confidence in your mind. Ambition is that nightmare which will never come in your sleep but will snatch sleep out of your eyes and provoke you to struggle!

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Your eyes will never see anything except the stage at which you have dreamt to once stand and explain people about how you reached there and how your ambition served you.

And this is the reason why only a few of them live a commendable life.

Determining is not hard but dedicating yourself in your determination is a tough nut to crack.

Many a people around us, when asked for ambition, answer that they want to get rich and live a lavish life ahead. But this answer seems to get copied from every mouth we often hear. It is, therefore, merely an ambition and mostly a dream which every eye has seen since birth.

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Dreams are often buried once you get up but ambitioning a dream will never let that fade.

Perhaps none of the legends that we hear now have ever dreamt of getting money and a lavish life. They have cherished their goal with a strong will of ambition and dedication at whatever their minds suggested in. Being common while shaping your future will leave you behind a huge number of people but focusing on your personal dream and challenging yourself every-time will drag you at the top; from where everyone will follow you.

Achieving your ambition is, perhaps, not the winning shot but only a step at it. If you ever have dreamt an ambition, your life will never be that long to let you conclude at your steps. Ambitious minds are always bettering themselves up and always trying to nurture themselves more efficiently.

You can always start an ambitious life but you can’t always prosper that easy. Paths will get tough and your dedication will shatter down; but only the firm tress of a forest have withstood the storm and seen the shine of north-star.

For a successful and prosperous life, your ambitions should be stronger than your problems and your dedication will always guide you to the success ahead.


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Sharing is Caring-