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We always have a lot of things running in our mind, isn’t it? We keep thinking about something or anything that happened in our past, or something happening at present or at times future too. So, many will have a doubt whether we should actually think about our past or future or not. What do you think? I will share what I think about this and also why I feel so.

In this fast pace world and lifestyle, we think about a lot of things like work, friends, family, our loved ones, studies, of course, few think about food and get together and all others. In simple words, our mind is always occupied with one thought or another. Weather it is right or wrong remains always a question.

Few say or even suggest us not to think of our past nor expect our future because we really do not know what will happen to us the next minute. I agree with that but it is not a crime to think about our past or future is what I will say. Past reminds us things and it helps us in improving ourselves in many ways. For example, if we have done any mistake in past, we remember that and we try not to repeat that in our future.


This works for love failures too. Just because he or she left you, doesn’t mean that you should erase the entire chapter from your heart and mind. And also it is very difficult to do so because you love them or loved them once. Remembering things or even those thoughts help you to cherish the moments you spent with your loved ones. It’s not only about love, if you want to see a better you, you should always learn from your past.

Future is something we all await for and we are always curious to know what will happen in future and what we will be doing at that time. Yes! Everyone at some point in their life would have thought, “How will be my future? Or what I will be doing in my future?” Curiosity makes us think a lot that we forget ourselves and live the life of what we think in our minds.

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Dreaming about our future is not a problem but if we want them to become true, we have to work hard to achieve it. We have to set goals to reach the height of where we see ourselves in future. Being confident and patient will help one a lot to achieve success. Dream and think positive and positive will always come your way. Even if something negative happens, don’t lose your hope and keep trying.

Past and future thoughts can always help a person develop themselves in a better way. Think positive! Stay Positive.


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Sharing is Caring-