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Chanting of ‘OM’ is known to be the ultimate path towards self-realization. Om is also uttered as ‘A-U-M’. Science tells us that the Universe began with a big bang. It is believed that Om is the first sound that emerged from the vibrations of the cosmic energy that created the universe. During Guru Purnima in 2010, a lady from the Boston-Connecticut area had done a research where they recorded the sound Om, put it in the computer and found that the frequency of Om is exactly the same as the frequency of earth’s rotation around its own axis.

The frequency of the vibrations is said to be 432Hz which happens to be the vibrational frequency of everything in the universe. So, in some sense, the earth is saying Om. It is really very interesting.  There is a beautiful verse in the Guru Granth Sahib, which begins withEk Omkar Sat Naam, Karta Purakh – From Om, everything has come, in Om, everything dwells, and into Om, everything will dissolve; both matter and consciousness.

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Here, I will share an interesting science experiment. Quite recently, some scientists conducted a research in which the subjects had never chanted Om mantra were asked to chant it for few minutes and each of their chants was recorded. The time-frequency analysis of it showed irregular waveforms which indicated unsteadiness in the mind. They were requested to chant the mantra frequently for a few days, the experiment was repeated. The time-frequency analysis this time had some surprising results.

Not only the waveforms were improved with regular spacing, but they had almost perfect symmetry and harmony. In addition, these participants witnessed dramatic improvements in focus, concentration, and steadiness, as well as they, found themselves to be in peace, witnessed the reduction in mental stress and could remain calm all the time.

Similar to the three primary colors in nature, from these three sounds (AUM), any number of sounds can be created. Without using the tongue, there are only three sounds you can utter: “aaa”, “ouuu”, and “mmm”. Even if you cut off your tongue, you can still utter these three sounds. You are using the tongue only to mix these three sounds in many ways to produce all the other sounds.

There is not just one but multiple benefits of chanting ‘OM’ mantra which have been verified even by science time and again:

  1.     Chanting of the ‘Om’ Mantra purifies the environment around you.
  2.     It increases your concentration and focus as well as helps in achieving your goals.
  3.     It gives you better immunity and self-healing powers.
  4.     It produces a vibration and sound that is felt through your vocal cords and helps to open up the sinuses to clear the airways.
  5.     It can place you in a meditational state which gives you deep relaxation.
  6.     The Om not only benefits the person who is chanting it but also to the people around them.
  7.     The Om Mantra has cardiovascular benefits too. It relaxes our mind and body thus decreasing our blood pressure and our heart beats with regular rhythm.
  8.     It improves your voice by giving strength to your vocal cords and the muscles around it. This is very helpful during old age.
  9.     Rubbing your hands together while ‘OM’ chanting and putting those charged hands on different parts of body heals those body parts.
  10.            You can have better control over your emotions as you see situations with a clear and rational mind.
  11.            It will take you on a spiritual journey to greater happiness and positivity, but only if it is done regularly.
  12.            When the OM Mantra is chanted in a group, the effects are amplified and this will produce immense positive vibrations which charge up the entire vicinity.
  13.            It has been experienced that Om can even help cleanse your Aura and that will be reflected externally with a glow on your face and body.
  14.            As the sound of ‘Aaaa’ is generated from the abdomen, it helps to strengthen the supporting muscles of the spinal cord.
  15.            The sound ‘uuu’ is created by vocal cords which benefit the thyroid glands and the throat.
  16.            If you’re looking at the spiritual eye while chanting, your eyesight will start improving.
  17.            When you start chanting Om it creates positive vibrations in you. You feel happy for no reason
  18.            It will make you look younger, happier, energetic, calm, peaceful and long-lasting sense of well-being and balance will manifest into your life.
  19.            You will start to appreciate every little thing in your life which will turn you into a magnet to attract good things into your life to be grateful for.

Thus chanting of ‘OMmantra or even listening to it for 30 minutes every day brings you innumerable benefits mentally, physically and spiritually. Try it out yourself!


Sharing is Caring-