Sharing is Caring-

Ever thought that people ignore you for no reason? Well, if one person ignores you, it can be his problem but when a lot of people start ignoring you, it’s high time for a quick introspection. It’s always best to see for yourself, if you are a good person than to blame others for being bad. So here are a few points that can help you to know what you’re bad at and boost the positive in you:

1)   Taking pride all the time

Taking pride at some level can be accepted. Like if one takes pride in doing good for others is good. But this can cause serious damage to your relationship with other people if it goes over the top.

2)   Being over-confident over everything

Confidence, as they say is good but when it comes to over confidence, people might not like that kind of trait in you. It destroys a group work and also affects your reputation. It is a black spot of your reputation.

3)   Discussing personal lives of others

It is obvious that if you discuss personal problem of one person to someone, you might be discussing the personal lives of all the people. Even if you don’t it cause distrust among people.


4)   Being self-centered

Thinking about you is good. But when it comes to thinking of others it should also be taken care of. One thing should be known, people see what you do. You are seen by people at some point or other.

5)   Don’t look at your drawbacks

When you don’t look at your drawbacks, it might cause a sense of irritation among the people around you. When a person comes and tells you about your drawback, you must take it up to yourself.

6)   Stretching personal wars

Personal wars with people should be solved in time. One should not take it too far and make a big deal out of it. It also causes other people to not talk to you because of your impression in the past.

7)   Envying the success of others

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. There’s no looking back to it. Never envy the success of others because you couldn’t do something. It’s always good to be happy in other people’s success.


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Sharing is Caring-