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Our society is filled up with different types of people. No two persons in our society are same. They are diverse in culture, taste, region, religion and every human trait known, yet if you delve deeper you will see that a society mostly consists of two types of people.

There are two types of person in the society. First, whom you can persuade easily without trying too hard. They are those who will always agree with whatever you say to him. They never argue with anyone and never put their own opinion. They are always happy to be the second fiddle to anyone.

They make promises instantly without even a second thought. Mostly these types of people are favorite among other people as mostly we like people who agree with us without question, isn’t it?


Now the second type of people is regarded as rebels. They are the people who question every decision taken by people. They are hard to persuade and they don’t agree with people easily. They are leaders in themselves, they don’t listen to other people easily and even if they do they will keep track of whatever they say and will point out their mistakes time and again if they find it.

This type of people rarely makes promises and thinks very long and hard when they make promises. They are not very liked by others due to their rebel nature.

There is also a third type. They are regarded as the opportunist. They are a combination of type 1 & 2. They will follow the rule when they are getting something in return, yet they will not hesitate to rebel if they see more profit in it. Though they may be a third type but their classification will always be made in type 1 or type 2.

Now according to the above summary, it seems that those Type 1 people are better than Type 2. So, to divulge it I am going to describe an event from the history.

At the Yalta Conference of the Allies during the Second World War, President Truman found Winston Churchill very difficult, adamant and hard to convince. On the other hand, he found Joseph Stalin of Russia very affable, friendly and easy to convince.

Churchill literally fought before putting a signature on any agreement. Stalin, on the other hand, was ever ready to cooperate and signed agreements without any difficulty. After the conference was over the agreements for the implementation of agreements began. Then Truman found out Churchill adhered to all agreements and implemented with total sincerity. Stalin, on the other hand, did not care what was agreed upon and proceeded energetically to implement his own agenda.

Then Truman realized that Churchill was being difficult because he had every intention of being committed to the agreements. Stalin, on the other hand, was friendly and was ready to agree because he had no intention of fulfilling the commitments.

I hope after reading it you will understand why people who want to do something for the betterment of the people are tagged as rebels. People who want to keep promises never make them in haste rather they take their time and try to keep their promises until the end. So now it’s our choice whether you want to be Type 1 or Type 2. Neither of them are bad or wrong. They are just different, like the two sides of a coin.

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Just like being mute in the key situation would be useless similarly rebelling against anything and everything too will create more problems, so if you want to be a rebel, rebel against the problem that is prevalent in the society not against each and everything.


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Sharing is Caring-