Sharing is Caring-

When we talk about Dusshera, it is always about killing the evil residing in the society. But, has it been killed yet? We celebrate Dusshera since hundreds of years. We are excited to see the statue of Ravan burning and then falling off. Then we go to our homes, sleep and the next day, we’re all just like little Ravans!

Every day, our televisions and newspapers burst out with news of rape, molestation, sexual abuse and what not. Men probably see them and feel pity while women can feel the emotions of the victims but then what? Then we turn back to our computer and mobile screens and wait for the news of the next day, the same old news with new faces!

In recent times, men have started raping Dogs too! Funny, isn’t it? How can one be so insane, towards innocent dogs that have done no harm to you? We want pets, we show respect towards animal welfare, but see where we stand for real. We stand in the lowest section of humanity. Well, humanity seems like a wrong word now, why not we call modesty, animal-ity! At least they are more compassionate than us.

Now, corruption too has many spots in the society. The greatest sin in our religions, Greed, is only rising to its fastest. And here we are, mentally prepared to make a payment, along with “corruption taxes”! So well planned our economy is that they keep charging money from the ones who hardly have any money. Jobs! What jobs?

Feminism is the most ongoing topic of the century. It started with a group of females asking for their rights to vote. Later, writers showed their interest in this topic. It became a problem when the females themselves started taking the concept of feminism for granted!

A man might be staring at you for any reason, he might see the face of his daughter, his lost wife, his mother, but why think before we act? We name him “pervert”! That’s what has become of feminism.

Sarcasm apart, my point here is, where do we stand? Even animals are helpful to each other as well as the people, why can’t we be like them? All it takes is a step forward and see where life takes us. This Dusshera try to make a difference in you and your society. Boost your society!

Sharing is Caring-