Sharing is Caring-

Little things matter, don’t you think? There on the street I see people walking. Some bump into each other, some exchange polite gestures and some don’t. I remember feeling annoyed when someone rudely bumped into me and didn’t apologise when it was clearly their fault.

But thinking about it, I realize that I’m just not at the centre of people’s lives. I’m just one girl, her sphere revolving around life, inevitably waiting for death. And yet, I want to be that one girl who made a difference. I just want to be a girl who loves to smile.


As my car stands at a red signal,

An overhead bridge bringing us shade,

In this scorching heat,

I see a little girl,

There upon the bridge,

A ragged dress on her,

Of a size too big,

Her hair uncombed,

Her skin with bruises

In the glare of the sun,

poor girl

I see wet streaks on her face.

Her eyes no longer recognisable,

All innocence lost

She stands upright,

With her back straight yet broken,

I see her pick up a bag,

Oh! Too heavy for her.

I see her stride confidently.

I see her give some food,

To an old man by the road

A smile on her face,

As he gobbles it up.

I see with horror,

The man harassing her for more!

His poverty made him evil,

No, his thoughts made him evil.

As he dumped her bag,

To search for more valuables

I see a boy rushing to her safety.

Him chasing the older man away!

She turns her head to the side,

And I felt our eyes connect.

I tremble with guilt.

Her eyes bore into my soul,

Every sin I’ve committed,

Every lie I’ve said,

Everything I’ve ever taken for granted,

Etched out in front of me,

Then the moment’s gone.

She puts on a fake smile.

Picks up her bag,

And walks away.

Would she ever walk away from my memory?

Can I ever unsee what I’ve witnessed?

I thought as the signal turned green.

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Our mind is strong, so we have to be stronger. Our souls should be set ablaze with the passion to shine. Notice the little changes around and learn to accept and move on.

Let’s all just be that one girl.


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Sharing is Caring-