Sharing is Caring-

Recently, I read this beautiful poem which had a very strong message to give, and I remembered an incident from that. I remembered how I had narrated my little diary everything that happened that day.

Honestly, that was one trip which I won’t forget in my life, not that the trip or the stay was that of a great one (Actually it pretty much was) but anyways, it was the 6 hours of total traveling from one home to another.

That day I learned a lesson, which will always be with me whenever I feel low. A lesson, that I want to share with you all today.

Well, traveling alone has its own spice and excitement. Isn’t it? Maybe not a lot now, but it definitely did when you were young. I remember when I once traveled alone from the beginning of the journey till the end; it felt very exciting to go through the entire process without anyone accompanying you, especially when you are traveling from one country to another.

Not that traveling with family and friends is less fun but there is a different sense of responsibility when you travel alone. I was traveling from Dubai to Mumbai that day, and I realized what it felt to be all alone and having the full responsibility for yourself.

But among the crowd of hundreds around me, it made me feel the essence of my presence in such a place being really minute. Whenever we travel alone, you hardly get to see familiar faces, be it at the airport or even in the aircraft. You somewhere deep within realize how ordinary you are, you’re just like any other person traveling to another country.

I know that it is something many of us don’t realize while traveling, but it is something you all should accept in your life. We emphasis on how difficult life can be, but life is not really difficult if seen from far.

Who among those people in a flight would ever ask what your name is except the ones on duty. Who would ever interfere in between to question your profession? There is no one that recognizes you there because you are as ordinary as any other person there.

There are millions of people around the world, but whenever you travel and introspect during your journey, you will understand that your troubles are just another little dot in this world filled with errors.

The day you feel lost among the crowd of hundreds, being alone with your personality, that day you will realize how minute are troubles in our lives and how important are the little happiness that we receive.

One advice to you all the next time you travel in an aircraft: Look around you and feel your presence in the crowd. Not only physically, but emotionally and mentally too.


Sharing is Caring-