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In the present era, we are living in the society where we can’t exist if we don’t change our self. Every day something new is introduced in the world. Just think in the world where people are thinking to travel in the space and we are still not able to fulfill our goals. Where are we lacking? Why? Because we are still stuck in the old thoughts. We never came out of our own world.

Here there is a small story of a girl who changed her life by changing herself.

There was a girl, named Sakshi. She was a quiet girl. She never interacted with anyone. She was very reserved. Many times her colleagues use to make fun of her, but she always neglected and remained quiet. Everyone thought her as an exceptional case and ignored her. No one paid attention to her and no one knew anything about her. Once in a meeting, she was badly insulted by her colleagues. That day she became very upset. She went home and cried a lot. She narrated the whole incident to her mother. Her mother told that if you want to achieve something then sublimate yourself.

quite girl

Take stand for your rights, engage yourself by sharing your views with friends and others. That day she understood that no one will come and help her. She has to learn by observing her surroundings and has to keep herself updated by meeting new people. From that day, slowly and gradually she changed herself. She changed her thoughts, her behavior, her personality, her perspective and everything. As she discovered how to ulitize her hidden talents and create an opportunity and soon she got the biggest opportunity to prove herself. She gave her best to meet the deadlines. When she submitted her work, everyone appreciated her. That day, she got promotion as a reward for her excellence. Now she became one of the popular members of her company.

Just think how she changed her life by crossing her boundaries which were full of limitations. Her journey from shyness to strength was full of struggle with her own self. Goals can’t be achieved by locking ourselves in four walls. If you want to accomplish great things, you have to roll with the changing world. Life is impossible if you will not learn to flow with the world. As a stream moves continuously and finally meets the river, you also have to change yourself if you want to cope up with the outer world.

People will not give you opportunities. You have to create your opportunities by yourself because you are the creator of your own destiny. Just believe in yourself and always remember that you are the best. If you have to make your identity in the outer world you have to break the barriers that you have made for yourself.

Believe me, change your vision, the world will welcome you with a number of opportunities. If you want to blossom, change yourself and enjoy every moment of life.


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Kanchan Vallecha

Kanchan Vallecha

I wish to ignite the fire whose flames will lead the people towards the shining star, not to the ashes.
Sharing is Caring-