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Historically, human beings have always been consumed by wanderlust. It is the strong desire or urge to travel or explore the world. Wanderlust encouraged our ancestors to conquer the seas and discover new lands. It prompted them to explore the depths of jungles and the endless array of caves and tunnels that our earth has to offer.

We have left our footprints on the highest point on this earth- Mt. Everest, and have also traversed through the earth’s deepest point- the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench. Our thirst to examine new places has taken us beyond the realms of our planet, as we have stepped into the cosmic skies to fathom the glorious wonders of the universe. And yet, even after 200,000 years of existence, there are still so many new places to be discovered, both on the earth and in the universe.

However, a new era is now dawning in the existence of mankind which shows humans losing their natural instincts and curiosity that have motivated them to uncover the mysteries around them.

While there are of course researches and projects still going on to reach new places, a major proportion of the population has lost its thirst for adventures and explorations. People have gotten too used to the monotony of leading lives filled with the stress of professional and personal responsibilities.

We are more concerned about earning and filling our lives with worldly possessions, which might give temporary pleasure, but are unable to satisfy our mental needs.

People do not have time for passion and filling up their minds with wonderful memories- they are too busy filling up their houses with wonderful products of science that are increasingly isolating them from the magic of the world around them.

Of course, we live in an increasingly competitive world where all of us have to work hard to fulfill all our needs as well as of our loved ones. Science has given us a plethora of luxuries to enjoy life to the fullest.

However, the fact still remains that such superficial pleasures can never quench human beings’ inborn instinct for adventure. We might think that we are contended with our sheltered lives, but the joy that one would feel when they travel, connecting themselves with nature, history and culture, is incomparable to this false sense of happiness that has engulfed the masses.

The benefits of travelling are many if people have the right outlook on it. Travelling connects us with Mother Nature, it heightens our sensitivity towards different cultures, demolishes various prejudices and bigotries that might be polluting our minds, and hence makes us more broad-minded.

It exposes us to a variety of situations and conditions, and contributes towards building strength of character by increasing our flexibility, resilience and adaptability. It also brushes up our social skills as we interact with a wide variety of people during such expeditions.

Travelling soothes our soul and restores our mind to a state of peace and balance as all the stress of our daily, competitive life flows out of us, leaving behind a relaxed and enriched mind. However, travelling can only benefit us if we ensure that the plan we make is not too ambitious as to cause excessive hassle and result in more stress than calmness.


Exploring a new place every once in a while, is a must for expanding the horizons of our mind and escaping the monotony of our daily lives. It might not be a place too far away. In fact, it can be some part of the city in which we live! After all, there are many of us who have spent years in a city and have yet to visit many of its notable places.

Experience the cool breath of air caress your skin as you stand surrounded by greenery, feel the unevenness of the walls of a monument with a glorious past, taste the delicious cuisine of a new place, wander among the locals of a place and marvel at the cultural differences as well as similarities you share with them, be filled with awe as you see wildlife you probably never ever heard about, and most importantly, cherish the satisfying tiredness at the end of a long but enriching day filled with life long memories.

“Jobs fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul.”

Remember these wise words by Jamie Lyn Beatty, and keep nourishing your soul with a life full of the excitements and passion of exploring new lands, meeting new people and learning about different cultures.


We have a limited time on this earth and the world is a huge place filled with unimaginable wonders, so do not spend away your life in the cubicle of an office and have regrets as you draw your last breaths Instead step out and start enjoying life by drowning in the beauties of our earth!

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Sambhavi Mishra

Sambhavi Mishra

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Sharing is Caring-