Sharing is Caring-

We are all living in a chaotic world, that is totally uncertain and unpredictable; where every day we are striving hard to survive.  Humans are perennially battling for their existence to be noticed, and we all know that this burden is shared more by women. It’s the pain of women from every nook and corner of the earth. So more or less the condition of women is same everywhere. They are continuously struggling for their due share. For centuries women have raged war against inequality. For this purpose, an ideology called feminism came into existence,  which advocates for equality of all the women with men. Every now and then we hear this term feminism; some endorse it and some just oppose it. Along with this, we hear one more term feminazi very often. These two terms are totally different in ideology though they are being used interchangeably by many people. Now the question arises that

What is the difference between a feminist and a feminazi? How are they different?

Feminist is an advocate for social, political, legal and economic right for all women with those equal to men. Whereas Feminazi is feminists who are perceived as extreme or radical.  These two are different in their ideology because former seek equality for all women with men while the latter seek superiority over men and they have a violent approach.

We are against the patriarchy not against all men.

Its just a war of ideology not the war of superiority.


The truth is that women have suffered a lot and they are still suffering everywhere. For so long women have been denied their due respect and equality with men. They have turned so hostile now a days that they have lost the track of what feminist actually means, and are treading the path of hatred towards men. In doing so they have lost the soul of a true feminist. A true Feminist wants to uplift them; never degrades others. They just demand their birth right that every human should be treated equally.
Why some women deviate from being a feminist to feminazi or choosing to be a feminazi?

Why are some women ashamed of being a feminist?

Today some people are so confused that they dont even know what feminism stands for. You will be shocked to know that some powerful women hesitate to be associated with the tag of feminist. Unfortunately, the list includes many strong and powerful personalities who themselves are women. A couple of years ago in the US edition of The Huffington Post the list of Hollywood celebrity who are not Feminists was published, and the list included Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and many more. They consider it as a stigma. Its an irony that powerful women are ashamed and terrified of being stigmatized as feminist. Women should learn to take their own stand and proudly flaunt the feminist tag because only then we can give hope to those women who are being oppressed by the society. We are fighting for noble cause girls, so there is no need to be afraid of anyone anymore. Remember we aren’t alone in this war because we do have people like Justin Trudeau.


Why do we need more people like Justin Trudeau?

A few days ago, I was watching a video of Justin Trudeau who is the incumbent Prime Minister of Canada. He admitted that he is a proud feminist. Yes, that is absolutely true! One needs to understand that feminism is an ideology that demands an equal share for all women and so men can also be feminists if they believe in this ideology. Earlier we used to think that the term is associated with women only, but the truth is every single person is a feminist who believes in the ideology of feminism.

Humanism can be restored only when both m counterparts would be treated equally.

As we learned that anyone can be a feminist irrespective of their gender. We should realize the role of men and women in this word. We should learn to respect each other. We can together make this world a better place as we cannot imagine this world without men or women.

A house divided against cannot stand.


Yes, we cannot make this work if we wont support each other in this war of ideology.

Its just a war against the ideology, not the war of superiority! No, we aren’t any greater than any man. We are just equal.



Sharing is Caring-