Sharing is Caring-

Is it important to acknowledge one’s presence in your life or is there no space for such formalities?

I don’t know if I should call it a formality or a necessity or should I just say that having someone’s presence in your life and spending time talking to them is indirectly acknowledging and thanking them for the difference they have made to our lives.

Honestly, I wouldn’t say that it is necessary for you to thank your best friend or anyone you are close to every day because that is obviously something that doesn’t have room for in a friendship. But sometimes you feel like to thank someone for their presence.

Yes, you would ask me why to do so they aren’t any stranger to us. They know how much they mean to us that is the reason we have them as a part of our life. That is just when you take their friendship or that bond for granted.

Any relationship, be it between friends or parents or any other relation, the day you realize its value in your life, you would always want to thank their presence in your life.


I have begun to believe that sometimes the pride in us, the character we all belong to never values what we have in life. We believe, what we have will stay. At the moment when I realized that nothing stays forever is when I realized how important is it to thank them to be a part of your life.


As I always say your life is a one hero film, and the people around are just supporting characters. You are the editor of this film, you can’t cast people nor can you write the scenes. But all you can do is edit every scene to your preference. You can’t choose the happiness you want but you can determine its stay in your life. But at times certain happiness fades away just like certain scenes of the movie, just so that the film does not become monotonous. But you still invest your time, effort and money into making that film. Similarly invest your love, time and memories of being friends with new people. And remember you have welcomed them into your life; never forget to thank them before they leave.

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As every day you might encounter someone new, not only do they become a part of your life, you too become a part of theirs. And when you do, it is important to appreciate their presence, time and love they brought to your life in the short span of time they made space into your life.

Sharing is Caring-