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Last evening, while having dinner, my dad was telling us about his childhood days and listening to that mom too got excited about best days of life. They really sound so good, though simple but the coolest. Then, all of a sudden, the Happy Reminiscing turned sullen when dad told an event that tells how much they respect their elders. And, dad left the dining table after saying, “I have never thought that you two will become such a disappointment.” Maybe my younger brother hasn’t understood in which context dad said that but I am aware of it.

He is talking about the distance between the parents and their children, about the distance between their thoughts and the way of living. This is not just a Generation Gap to them. It is kind of a Black Hole between them that won’t come to end, no matter how much they try.

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Whenever our elders come to face this they always try to escape this by expressing helplessness. They have already given up on mending this. Sometimes, a loud argument is possible between parents and children. But the reason, their child shouts is that he or she wants to prove them wrong and parents shout because they don’t want to lose them. But their children are blind to this aspect.



This is the generation of the 21st century, obviously the most advanced one yet. And maybe because of this fact they treat things rationally and logically which is really important but another thing which is developing in them is the Ego, towards everyone including their family too. They find their parents too old to understand them. They laugh on them, they insult them and yes this really happens. Because they don’t find them equal to their aptitude level.

They find that their parents are unable to understand their so called depression. When their parents try to help them they really push them away by saying “You can never understand my problems”.

Really? A parent who has made so many efforts to bring a smile on their faces, won’t understand them? Maybe they are in an illusion but they really don’t know the Hardship of Life, that their parents have faced.

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They want an escape from their parents because they restrict their freedom. They want to leave those who have given them the roof, food, education, and a good life. They are ready to believe that an imaginary person is controlling our lives up above the sky but they can’t see their living Gods (their parents) always being there for them.

I really understand that there are so many times that our parents are wrong. Many of their ways are wrong. But do they really deserve this kind of behavior? We unnecessarily hurt them just because we are frustrated.

Do they deserve this?

The approach of young guys and girls should be to correct them not by insulting them and helping them grow with them not just leaving them. I support this fact that we don’t need to follow them just because they are elders but even I can’t deny that they don’t deserve respect. The emotion behind being passionate you have seen first in your parents because they have given all their life to you and now in the cover of that passion you are disrespecting their love.

The sense of compassion in their blessings are senseless to you but they are your true well wishers. Their blessings are the honest wish that will make you reach the highest peak of your life.

They are themselves a blessing.

So, don’t let that blessing fade away.


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Sharing is Caring-