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We all live in illusions. Some people think that they are practical, and they live in reality but they forget that reality is nothing but an illusion. What we aspire in our life, what we urge for in our lives is all an illusion. That’s why in order to get out of this illusion we try to convert that into reality. We do not realize that the thing which we are escaping from is coming in our lives in another form and we unknowingly are accepting it.



What I believe is, there are 5 major reasons for this –

  • We have got so busy in our lives especially the corporate lives that we have forgotten to think freely. Because our minds are occupied with a particular space where there is darkness, and we think there is light.

  • We are all a part of this competition of coming first and leaving all others behind; a rat-race.

  • We have become mechanical because we are not able to show our emotions correctly.

  • We are now more prone to glittery things and do not show any interest in things which are simple. This glittering is nothing but a mere illusion.

  • We all are in an era where we do not have time for ourselves. So, anything that comes our way easily, we accept it, thinking it is the reality of our lives.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Basically, everything is an illusion. From being a child to an adult; from being rich to poor; from being busy to idle, every last thing.[/perfectpullquote]

There is nothing true or false. How do we differentiate? What we want to believe is the truth? Or which we resist to believe is false?

We all want happiness in our lives. No one wants sadness. But we do not know what is actual happiness or sadness. Whatever is pleasant to us, we consider it will give us happiness and whatever does not go with our needs and desire, gives us sadness.

In the end, what I feel is there is nothing which is not an illusion.


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Sharing is Caring-