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Like every diamond breaks into a finer and shinier diamond likewise happens in humans.

The son of a modest father is most probably thought to be modest himself. There comes an exception where we find two opposites in a single heredity chain. But sometimes, only due to the assumption that every diamond gives a diamond, we forget that platinum is somewhere lost among them.

An engineer father teaches his son to be an engineer. A doctor teaches and expects his daughter to be only of his kind. But is this nepotism perfect for a society to grow in a world, where exceptions are now a next door thing?

Definitely not!



Forcing one to be his or her kind is not a country or a society that we have dreamt for. We are living here to dream of a nation that is diverse and a nation that has no imitating citizens. A writer, budding in an engineer’s house is like a wild flower growing in a garden full of roses. No securities of existence and no surety of persistence into its own kind, but the essence that it leaves on everyone else remains till eternity.

Despite forcing a wild leaf to lose its freedom into the bars of a vase, why not leave it in a space that is nowhere restricted?

Everybody is born with abilities that are not obliged to heredity. They can bring up a change that was never done. A version, that is yet to be discovered. But the problem varies in our mindset. As we have succeeded in a field, we choose up that safe path for them.

No risks, no experiences that are wild, and a path of wonderful easiness are their cup of tea.

A singer can never hymn his notes in the debt of medical notes. That kills a person itself before its death, the death of a personality in a person.

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It sounds a bit of drama to call these as a part of our society. People are never willing to admit that their existence is surrounded by the people like such. But have an eye in your home first.

Will your daughter be free enough to choose painting over a certainty to get a medical degree?

Will your son become one of his kinds in writing and then leave his half-done engineering?

If no, then we need to reconsider the modernity in ourselves that we shout for.

And if yes, then congratulations for having such a wonderful vision of life.

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Sharing is Caring-