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There can be two aspects based on writing inspiration. One can be how to write and inspire and the second is how to get inspired to write something. Let us start with how to inspire ourselves to write something. It is known to all the writers that a certain time comes when we cannot write anything at all. It seems like everything has blacked out and there is nothing left for us to do now.

Things start to feel obscure. We famously call this infamous situation: a writer’s block. We all have told our family friends about it. We know how difficult it is when it strikes. Those who are not writers can certainly feel how important it is for a writer to write and then losing the ability to write all of a sudden. It can happen for many reasons. It can be some illness; it can be stress, some problem we are dealing with, something bad has happened in our life.

It can be a mixture of all these problems and sometimes it just can happen without any reason. Many people talk us into reading a good book to overcome this or to watch a good movie. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t. Here are excellent ways to get inspired to write a good pitch and to overcome writer’s block:

1)   Watch a good movie

As I stated above, many people suggest us to watch a movie whenever we tell them about our block phase. We are most likely to do it too because, come one, who doesn’t care for a movie? It is a basic step to move out of the block and feel inspired. What we are to do is watch the movie carefully without any distractions. It helps us to gather some point or the other to be the content of our text. What we should do is leave aside all our distractions and watch the movie altogether with utmost patience and peace.

Note that this might be a small step with great returns or no returns at all. One doesn’t know how deep the trouble is so we are most likely to start with the easiest way possible.

2)   Meditate

Meditation they say is the best way to overcome many problems. They may be physical or mental. One can find peace in it and a solution to every problem just arrives after the session. As writer’s block is a mental problem one can always try meditating in order to find some level of inspiration to write a good content. One can even write about their experience of peace after meditation if nothing else comes in the mid. It is that simple and all with good returns.

3)   Solitude

Sometimes, the reason of the block maybe of the crowd we are in. it can be our friends, or colleagues or our family too. Too much noise can cause a distraction to the mind to stop thinking for inspiration for the writer. For some people it may be normal as some people can write with all the chaos but for some it can be total distress and so it is necessary for a writer to find a place of solitude. It can be anywhere near us, a quite room, a garden, a temple, anywhere.

4)   Observation

To write, one observes. We too are to observe what others are doing and what is happening in the world. Even the past incidents can be observed and we can write with all the inspiration. A writer’s job is to take interest in other’s life in order to produce like characters and relatable incidents. For it a good observation power has to be inculcated by the writer.

These are some of the things which can overcome the writer’s block. Now the other is how to inspire people with our own writing. Inspiration is what we all seek from television and books. It can be in the form of fiction or nonfiction but we seek it and with content without inspiration, one can never find peace after reading or watching something. The work of literature is to inspire and so for it one must write something that changes the lives of the people.

One can see in the books of Paulo Coelho that he takes pleasure in inspiring people with his special kind of fiction. People enjoy his writing as it is not lecturing but quite good hearted fiction with a touch of inspiration.

One has to know that there are two ways of delivering inspiration to the people: direct or indirect. A direct form is to tell the people what is to be done and the indirect way is just to show the people that with these method good returns are to be expected.

It is not that hard to feel inspired to give inspiration. Just good sources are to be gained and the answer is seen right in front of us.


Sharing is Caring-