Sharing is Caring-

 To motivate or to inspire others is an art. Experienced people can do this well as they have so many life stories to share. Some people have this inbuilt talent as to easily comfort others.

Inspiring people is a skill which can be mastered through a little practice. It is good to be a motivator or be someone’s lifeline during their worst days. This is actually a boon from God.

Today, we will learn about some amazing ways through which one can become a good inspirer, motivator, mentor or whatever name you give.

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5 Proven Ways to Inspire People:-

a)      Listen Carefully: –

The first and foremost thing one needs while encouraging people is to become a good communicator. Now, for good communication, it is necessary to first have the habit of listening.


Listening to understand the problems of the person and giving a proper solution to it or helping them to cope up with the same is a great way. Listening just to reply and that too without proper understanding will not work.

So, try to listen with a calm mind and give as many positive suggestions as you can.

b)     Have Firm Determination: –

When someone relies on you and calls for getting inspired, it is REALLY A GOOD ACHIEVEMENT in itself because people rely on you. They believe in you.


So, you must try your best and always go with positive thoughts and intentions no matter what the situation. Even if you are facing any tough situation, handle it with a smile on your face.

This will bring confidence and make others feel that yes you can definitely bring them out from any difficulty in life.

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c)      Be Positive always: –

Inspiring people is like offering them mental medication for being happy, energetic and enthusiastic at each and every point of life, whether it is good or bad.


It is to give them feel good doses through they can change the way of thinking towards the situation and look at the problems from a different angle. This can help them to solve it within less time span.

So, for this, you- the Inspirer must have bundles of positive thoughts, stories, examples through which you can make them understand how to consider any situation just a small part of life and tackle it smoothly.

d)     Give Real Life Examples: – 

I remember one of my friends calling me every time whenever she is in difficulty, REASON – She feels that Ekta will definitely give me good ways to deal the issue or will suggest some ways to come out of this situation.

This is because whenever I sit with her, I first listen to her dilemma and then share some similar real life examples of my own which is either completely or somewhat related to her issues.


This makes her feel that yes I am guiding her on right track. While inspiring others, the main thing to be taken care of is “Opposite person must feel that yes you are the one they can rely on and you will keep their talk secret and provide them correct advice.”

e)      Be a Confident: – 

Confident is one with who people share their deep rooted secrets. See, an inspirer is one whom people can believe and have trust on. So, it is completely important for you to know how to keep secrets.

Until and unless, people don’t open up with you easily, it’s really difficult to get the idea of their exact problem. So, always try to be a person who is good enough to keep “Secrets as Secrets”.


You are there to do your best, Give your best, Try to the ultimate level and rest leave to the God.

Would you like share some different ways to motivate people? I would love to listen to them via comments and sharpen my inspiring skill. Feel free to leave the comments below and share this inspiration with your loved ones. Have a happy life ahead.

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Sharing is Caring-