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Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

Here in this blog, I am presenting 2 real-life struggle stories of 2 ladies who turned out to be a great success even after such a great problem in their life. They stood against all the odds and made their families proud.

Shakti Mohan:-

Shakti Mohan is a contemporary dancer from India. She was the winner of Zee TV’s dance reality show Dance India Dance. For her, Dance is like blood and she can’t survive without it.

shakti mohan

She once mentioned an incident from her life that doctor said she would never be able to walk. She was asked about this incident in an interview with T.O.I. On that, she answered as follows –

I was on my way to fetch my little sister from school when I met with an accident. A bike which was at a very high speed ran over my leg while I was crossing the road. My leg was so badly fractured that it took me almost seven months to be able to stand on my legs again. Doctors had confirmed that though my leg will get better with time, I would never be able to walk without support, leave aside dancing. I was just four years old then but understood everything that he said. But my family stood by me. My sisters and my mother supported me immensely throughout this period. They had full faith in God, they were sure that nothing so tragic could happen to me. They kept motivating me and pushing me to start walking again. I made that extra effort and with their support, confidence and with God’s grace I started walking again.”

As per reports she earns 250K Rupees per episode as a judge. Her net worth is estimated to be more than 2.6 million dollars.

Moral from this struggle story:

If you have that zeal in you, nothing in this universe can stop you from achieving what you want. Even after this physical injury, she turned out to be an outstanding dancer and choreographer.

Shipra Khanna

Master Chef’ winner Shipra Khanna says the reality show has made her parents proud

Amul Master Chef India 2″ saw Shimla’s single mom Shipra Khanna walk away with the trophy, a cash prize of `1 crore and a cookery show on Star Plus.

After her separation from her husband and in the struggle to get custody of her kids, Shipra and her family went through a difficult time.

Shipra Khanna

Her husband demanded dowry from her family. After the birth of her daughter Yadavi, who is now seven and has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, she honed her skills further by trying to make what her daughter liked, such as pizzas, Chinese dishes, different breads, pasta and cookies.

“The doctors said she couldn’t eat food from outside in case she got an infection from unhygienic food. Since she can’t walk, we have to keep her weight down so I began making healthy versions at home of whatever she couldn’t go out to eat,” she says.

Her in-laws always blamed her for her daughter’s condition. Whenever she talked about this to her parents; the only answer she got was “ADJUST”. Everything will get better once you learn to adjust.

He even insulted her father which led to the end of relationship. She said she won’t tolerate this anymore.

The title has given her a new lease of life and done her parents proud. She survived challenges put forth by some of the world’s best chefs, such as Jehangir Mehta, one of the best pastry chefs in New York, celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor and cook, gourmet specialist, food critic and food writer Karen Anand. The final challenge was by Akshay Kumar.

Shipra says, “No words can express how ecstatic I am.”MasterChef” has helped me reclaim my life. It was at times shocking to see so many good cooks exit the competition.” She wishes to donate a part of her wins to a charity and then spend the rest on brushing up her culinary skills.

Moral from this struggle story

“Don’t let yourself respect go. If nothing else, in your spare time build up a skill that might help you become financially independent. You have to be courageous at just one point and say ‘enough’. Then all the rest follows.

Sharing is Caring-