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“To be an inspiration, you first have to become the exception.”

These lines should be enough to explain you, that why we have so less inspirational people around us. Why are there only a few people whom we can see and never get tired of? Why there are a handful of stars to shine like the single and exceptional moon?

Well, every of the raised questions has got a simple yet strange answer – Work Hard.

But only working hard won’t give you the exceptional image you seek for. For you to become the diamond, you’ll first have to explore yourself in those mines and then shape your texture to the extent for being the exception.

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We tend to give up working hard but before yelling out our efforts, we need to find out the areas we are meant for. For example, the artist by soul can never win a race, no matter how hard he or she tries.

We are trained to perform for a single race in our lives. We are supposed to perform the best in what they dream about us. But isn’t it unfair to set a single aim for billions of people around? Won’t it kill many people in the path to rush towards a single goal? It definitely will and it is doing so.


I have seen people with brilliant self-strength to change the world, imagining themselves worthless.

The society says them to work harder in order to become the perfect player in a sport which they don’t even wish to play.

But they forget that when the wrong flowers are kept in a basket of different species, they either rot down or lose their essence forever.

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And in some people, there is a very delusional habit of underestimating themselves. They somehow realize their hearts but kneel down in front of their minds. For the sake of their families and for the fears that one day, they will fail; they have died several deaths within. They don’t want to risk their fate and then fight hard for their interest. They are dreaming of the apex but are afraid of the height.

The only possible way to cope with these is to learn to stake several moments of your life in the gamble of your happiness. One chance and one effort can change that.

One step and you can become the role model for millions of people waiting for motivations. Your one story of pursuing dreams can save many brilliant and beautiful people to stop running after any unexplained tags and start taking small steps towards the beautiful journey they are made for.

The only thing they need to remember is the fact that no destiny is pre-written and no fate is ever kept away from you. Your strength, your will-power, your smile and your hard work (in the end) will make you achieve almost everything in life and let you smile at every work that you were once considered incompetent for.

So Let’s become exceptional, let’s become inspiration.


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Sharing is Caring-