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In the last few decades, the world has gone through a rapid change. Change in the terms of technology, change in the terms of environment, change in the terms of social mindset, etc. Some changes have been for the better, while some other changes worsened the situation. Today, I am talking about the most important factor that runs not only the society but also the world. That crucial factor is the relationship between a male and a female.

There exist many manuscripts of the olden times which testified that in those times the women were given a lot of respect and freedom.   So much so that it was strongly preached, practiced and believed that, यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवता:। यत्रैतास्तु न पूज्यन्ते सर्वास्तत्राफला: क्रिया: |” (Where Women are honored, divinity blossoms there, and where ever women are dishonored, all action no matter how noble it may be, remains unfruitful).

This belief system led to the better education and treatment of women in the society as a whole. They were free to wear dresses that they wanted to; they were encouraged to get the education of their choice and even got trained in the art of warfare. They were given equal respect at all important places and were made to sit with their husband while performing ‘hawans’ and also while fulfilling other social responsibilities.


Sketch by Anjula Singh Bhadauria

Times changed and with that the status of women too. With the influx of outside forces, women were no longer safe. They are now being looked upon as an object of lust. Those men, who did not object to the dresses or the freedom of their females, started hiding them like their wealth from the eyes of rich and powerful. This was indeed the greatest setback for women of the society, so much so that, even in today’s changed times they are fighting to get back their lost respect and freedom.

Today, women are unsafe even from their close family members and the worst part is that they are told to remain quiet especially when the abuser is a family member. The small girls, boys and even infants are not safe. Why is this happening! Why such incidents don’t seize to stop! Why the crime against women is on rise every year! The reason as well as the solution lies in the roots. What are the roots? The roots are the way the people are groomed since they were a clean slate.  It has to be also kept in mind that the grooming which a person gets is irrespective of their financial status.

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The saddest part of today’s reality is that female is as much responsible for this sad plight of women as the men. The mother is the one person who in majority of families plays the most important part in the social and moral development of the child. When that mother or grandmother decides to mistreat girls at the cost of pampering boys, the seed of indifference is sown in the subconscious mind. With age, these become values and the roots become strong as well as its penetration deeper.

If we want a better future for our children and a safer world, then we have to work on the root cause. The respect and care for women cannot be taught in one day. Sow a healthy seed that grows into strong yet flexible tree that bows down like a tree laden with fruits for supporting the ones who need them. We keep on hearing the talks of Women Empowerment everywhere and I, myself am a strong supporter of it. However, I strongly feel that the topic of Men’s Grooming is more important as it is directly proportional to Women Empowerment. The better is the upbringing a person gets from childhood the better will be his outlook towards a woman in days to come.

So please join hands and contribute in making the world a better place for all.

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Sharing is Caring-