Sharing is Caring-

2 words that are super important and should be discussed comfortably in any forum are what are actually frowned upon and discussion about the same is considered inappropriate by a huge section of the society even in the 21st century!

Why are we becoming so regressive? Why are we afraid to utter the word condom or sanitary pad?  In a lot of towns and cities, the school authorities take the onus to educate children about the body, about the birds and the bees. And why do they do that? It’s because they should and also because parents or elders feel too uncomfortable to speak about it with children or can’t find the right time/situation/way to bring up and discuss the topic.

It is extremely important that the parents sit with their children and talk to them about good touch and bad touch; About changes in their bodies; Children get really confused when the body starts developing as they grow older because of all the changes due to hormones.

The body and mind confuse and sometimes scare the child. Young girls suddenly feel very different and so do the boys. Thus, if you do not sit and have a conversation with your own child and not give proper, suitable answers to their questions, the child will look for other sources which may not be correct and reliable.

Girls are not supposed to ask the men of the family to buy sanitary pads from the pharmacy. Okay, that’s cool because everyone should buy their things themselves and this is something really private and personal, but a reaction that’s “oh my god, how could you buy them when your father or brother was with you” is totally obnoxious. Having your period is normal and healthy! Don’t let anyone make you conscious or uncomfortable about that.

It’s okay to visit the supermarket or pharmacy or a general store and get a packet of pads or tampons for yourself. Don’t have to wait for the salesman to wrap it in a newspaper and then put it in a black carry bag so that the world doesn’t stare at you. Anyways when you hold a black carry bag in hand, you attract more attention as everybody knows there are sanitary pads in the bag!! You are not a drug dealer so chill, its fine to just take the packet from the counter and drive back home.

After a certain age, it’s also important to acknowledge that your child will be curious to get to know the opposite sex. They will develop a crush or be infatuated or start liking somebody. If you be a friend to your child, they will respect you and respect the freedom you give them. Trust me; they won’t go in the wrong direction.

We are in the phase where sex is very common and also spoken about openly. I am not sitting here and advocating pre-marital sex, but educate your child about protection. It is not just the boys who need to know about the condom. The girls need to be spoken to as well.

Condoms are not only for birth control but they also protect you in a huge way from infections/sexually transmitted diseases (STDs’) plus, remember to state the fact that though protection is effective most of the times, it is not a 100% guarantee that you are totally safe from a disease or pregnancy.

Also, condoms and contraceptives are easily available for girls as well. Explain the concept to the girls of the house. The contraceptives may cause certain hormonal changes for a while or in the long run. Make sure they understand that they need not worry.

Once your children are adults and mature, let them know that they need to be smart and wise and get into a physical relationship only & only when they are emotionally and physically ready and willing to get intimate. It should not be to prove that they are grown ups, not because they have been given a dare by friends and definitely not because their friends have sex. It doesn’t have to happen because the boy needs to prove that he is a man and the girl has to prove that she is chilled out and very modern! Sex before marriage is usually frowned upon, however, practicing safe sex is extremely important – married or not! Never ever not be careful to prove your love or trust.

It can be a topic that may seem difficult or uncomfortable to be discussed with your kids, but it is important and you can’t run away from that. It is important because they need the right information and proper facts from people they love and trust the most. If the parents feel uncomfortable, maybe siblings or cousins can be asked to have a talk. You can also ask your family doctor or gynecologist to do the needful.

The main motto is to inform & educate the child, make them aware and to help them mature into extremely responsible individuals/adults.  

Sharing is Caring-