Sharing is Caring-

I attended a public speaking contest where all the participants were given a random topic to speak on for about 3 minutes with 5 minutes of thinking time. A guy there was given a topic “what cartoon character do I resemble the most.”

I wish I had this topic and that mic. So that I can put my views on it, I seriously wished that while I sat in the audience. But then, I thought if not my voice, I’ll let my words do the thing. Anyway I wanted it to reach the people.

So, if had the chance this would have been my speech:

‘Since our childhood, we have been watching cartoons on TV and grew up watching them. And some still do watch them even when they grow up.

I am a 90’s kid. So I never had Doraemon or Chota Bheem. I had Oswald, Noddy, Beyblade, Pokémon, etc. And I was a Pokémon fan. I was such a diehard Pokémon fan that I even owned a shelf of Pokémon goodies. Once a teacher of mine told me that, watching cartoons is not good for a kid’s mental health. And he also told me that if I really want to watch cartoons every day, why don’t I just go in front of the mirror and look at that girl standing there on the other side.

I kept thinking about it for a day or two. And then went straight in front of the mirror and stood there comparing myself with the cartoons I watched back then, that do I look like Noddy? Or am I fat and stout like Oswald? Am I tall and thin like Tom or tiny like Jerry??

I didn’t find any of those characters in myself. I was like…sir must be just pulling my leg. Until one day I looked into the mirror, this time with a new and better perspective towards myself. And I realized that yes; even I am a cartoon myself. So my favorite cartoon character is Dhwani Koladia i.e. me.

Since then, I just pulled of those masks on my face and brought out the real me hiding between those masks and worked on it to make it better. And I am sure; you are not going to find any other character like me.

I resemble the most to me. I am as weird as me, as crazy as me, as moody as me. You will not find a biggest procrastinator than me. No one can beat me making up excuses. I can be so sweet that you won’t even realize how mean I was. I have planned, organized and achieved everything, just waiting for it to come out of my head.

The most mismanaged person. With me, every day is a crazy ride. And now you all must be thinking that this girl is crazy, talking bad about herself telling her weaknesses to people, etc etc etc. Some would have even started judging me. But, if I talked all good of me, then the same people would have called me a self-obsessed or a narcissist. So just chuck off those thoughts.

And also, this is purely a non-fictional character. Any resemblance to any other human is just a coincidence with a very low chance. But, if you do find one that I described before, just go and tell him/her that “Hey, you are like Dhwani Koladia from the cartoon show called LIFE.”

Thank you.

Sharing is Caring-