Sharing is Caring-

Yes. It’s true. The society we live in, whose rules we are supposed to follow and who decides what is right or wrong – survives on all the drama that surrounds us and is filled with hypocrites.

Drama may not be the right word for it, but someone else’s plight is drama and entertainment for others. Otherwise, how will the morning cup of coffee become interesting if it is not paired with spicy news from the newspaper?  

A lot of you may get annoyed while reading this, but unfortunately this is the harsh truth. Honestly, keep your hand on your heart and recollect the last time you really got up and did something to bring about a change around you? And I do not mean change through a Facebook post and having a photo-frame on your Facebook DP.


You read in the newspaper about 100kgs of garbage seen on the beach. What do you do? You read it, curse the government and move on to get ready and leave for work. On the way, you decide to eat something. You finish the little packet of biscuits and what do you do?

Throw it on the road, thinking that your aim from a moving vehicle is precise because you are blessed with superpowers, which includes the empty packet going right into the dustbin. Garbage is garbage; it can be anywhere. It is your job as a good citizen to either look for a dustbin on the road or keep it in your pocket till you do not find one.

Next instance as an eye-opener:-

You see on a news channel that a 14yr old, who was working as house-help, was beaten by the “boss of the house” for burning a hole in the bed-sheet. You discuss at home how insensitive people are and why do they employ children to do household jobs when they should be studying in a school and then you turn around, call your 20yr old “cook” and remind him/her that dinner is late yet again as it was supposed to be served 10mins ago.

You choose to ignore the fact that the “cook” has been working in your home since the last 7yrs.

Another example, to open your mind that is covered with blinders at the moment and they need to come-off soon!

Your neighbour comes and complains about how difficult life is for her daughter who is newly-married as her mother in-law is very strict and refuses to give the newly married couple, much needed privacy.

You empathize with her and explain that you know the value of privacy as your son was married just a month ago himself.

Suddenly your daughter-law walks in, greets your neighbour and informs you that she is going out with her husband for dinner.

Your response is: – “Why do you need to go out every week? Why can’t you have dinner at home?”

Still not getting my point?


Let me try to explain my point, using my next example.

You read about women empowerment and how essential is it to motivate women and ensure that they are strong and independent individuals. Suddenly you are pumped up and have a long discussion about the same on your WhatsApp group where you sound so charged and a strong supporter of equal rights.

The same evening your sister walks in and says that she has been chosen to work in XYZ company and the salary is great but she will have to be in another city for 3 months for her training before she comes back home and joins the branch office here.

Your reaction: – Find a job in the same city. The package can be lesser as her money is not needed to run the house and she cannot go to another city till she is not married.


Get the picture now?

Individuals who are morally sound will totally get my point. We do a lot of things that are totally against our own belief system, but maybe it is unintentional. However, if you realize that you have done something which can be corrected, do it. It is never too late to get a fresh start which is positive and for the betterment of your own self and people around you.

And for people who still did not understand what I am trying to explain, you are the society which comprises of all the hypocrites. You are the ones who are the “educated-illiterate”. Individuals who refuse to carve their own path and choose to follow others, blindly.

Let this act as a little wake-up call because hypocrisy will only cloud your positivity and the ability to make strong, sane decisions. Learn to call a spade a spade.

Let’s see the world as only black or white. Forget the grey area. It’s either a yes or a no. ‘Maybe’ will only lead to confusions.

If you have a voice and a reason to raise it, raise your voice. Do not succumb to the pressures of the “society”.

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Sharing is Caring-