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People frequently go to Paris, London, New York, Singapore for enjoying the serene urban areas and their way of life.

However, being raised in a city like Dubai, what different are these cities from Dubai?

Flying out to all 29 states of India appears to be the most captivating thing every NRI should do.

Where do we regularly get the chance to see a country that has rural, urban, legacy, heritage and beauty all under one rooftop?

Going to the whole of India makes me feel pleased to be a part of a nation, where all societies are taken after peacefully under one umbrella.

Not long before, in August 2015, many in my family took off to the City of Pearls. It was an experience that would always be remembered.


Have you all ever traveled in a train to a different state just one hour before you book the tickets?  Well, I hope not, because we had a lot of trouble but obviously we enjoyed in pain too.

You all must be wondering, why one hour before? Why didn’t your family plan the journey beforehand? Don’t worry; I’ve answers to all of that. Apparently, we were supposed to be

traveling somewhere down the week by a flight, but we surprisingly ended up just one evening at Churchgate station doing some time pass, finding out how the journey goes to

Hyderabad if we take a train which we ended up taking. That’s how crazy me and my family are!

Taking the Hussain Sagar train to Hyderabad was amazing. Trust me, it’s worth trying. The greenery and beauty, while passing by Karnataka was just extraordinary. And so, was the delicious and spicy vada pav (okay, I’m aware that I cheated on my diet…but once in a while it’s fine).

Reaching the final station, Hussain sagar seemed like a big relief after a long 14 hours Journey. All our hair was messed up and so were our dull and tired faces.

After reaching the hotel, chilling out and watching television was a couple of things we did for the initial few days. Probably after relaxing for a day or two we tried to visit some of the landmarks like Charminar and Makkah masjid. Charminar’s arches were facing the most dynamic and active tribal lanes.


At every corner, stands a tall minaret. The landmark has the  signature style of Islamic architecture and the boulevards around Charminar were clamoring with bright and lively shops and locals, the primary attractions incorporate the bangle and pearl shops. When it turned quite dark, we headed to a restaurant to have some famous Hyderabadi Nihari and Naan.

The next day was quite relaxing and peaceful. We proceeded to the Hussain Sagar Lake from our hotel rooms, It was such a beauty, with a statue of ‘ Gautam Buddha’ built in the midst, which enhanced its magnificence. We even got a chance to visit the lumbini park and NTR

Watch the following video to know the things before traveling to Ladakh –


Garden which were bang opposite each other. Well, we were late for the laser show, but we got a chance to view it from far. Having some street food and getting back to the hotel was the most peaceful way to end the day.

The next day was quite a one, A REAL spiritual trip to Moula Ali Hill or ‘Qadam e Rasool’,  it was basically a Dargah, on which the sacred relics of the prophet were deposited. It was a long journey of climb the steps to go up, approximately 550 steps and it took us around 45 minutes to reach the pinnacle.

Well, I was definitely very excited to go up and have a view of the Dargah,  the view from the 400th step was just ‘beautiful!’ and beyond explanation. It definitely was one view you couldn’t miss coming all the way to Hyderabad. I did feel that sense of satisfaction of reaching the top, when I got to admire all the beauty that the world had ahead of me.

So getting back, we ended this day with having dinner and celebrating my brother’s birthday at Sigdi restaurant with cakes and tandoor!

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On the last day, we tried the authentic Hyderabadi Biryani and headed back for Mumbai.

The city was decorated with trees and greenery which added to its freshness and relaxing atmosphere and makes the climate very easily adaptable. The food was also very different in the city and also the nature of people, which was very humble and sweet.

I would recommend each and every one of you to definitely try taking some time out and visit the beautiful City of Pearls.


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