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Standing at the mid of the road, but confused in which direction to move is the common problem which is usually faced by many people. Nowadays, youngsters are also facing a lot of problems while choosing their career. They have to pass through many hurdles due to lack of knowledge, skills, and interest etc.

Sometimes due to wrong selection, they are not able to meet their goals.

Here are some problems that are faced by students while moving further in higher education:

Lack Of Proper Guidance

After completing schooling, there are a number of options for students. Students are given different suggestions by different people. They move from here to there in search of someone who can suggest best. They search on the internet, watch Youtube videos and even have discussions with their peers. Students often go in opposite direction due to lack of proper counseling and it adversely affects their life. It is sometimes due to lack of skills, knowledge, and interest.

To Meet the required Percentage –

Percentage, It is the biggest problem in our educational system. In the competitive world, day by day rules and regulations are changing in our educational system. In many universities and colleges, Students are not able to clear the admission procedure because of required percentage. Some students have to change the field and have to go in another stream which is totally different from their field of interest. Many times, students are depressed and they end their lives. Here they not only end their lives, the family is also destroyed.


Financial Problems

In this world, nothing is free. Money is the biggest source to satisfy our needs. Students from the middle class are facing problem due to raised fees in colleges, since their parents are not able to afford the fees of children as per the norms of the colleges. Students sometimes get scholarships but other expenses are unaffordable. There are countless expenses after enrolling in institutions for higher education. Students always have to face this problem while they are in search of colleges of their choice.

Peer Group Influence

A majority of students select the career which is selected by their friends. Students blindly follow their friends. In order to maintain their friendship, they select the same field and unknowingly they neglect their skills and interests. Sometimes they feel that their friend’s choice is better than theirs, because of which they don’t follow their own heart. Instead of choosing a field of their knowledge and interests, they just move where the crowd goes. Lack of identifying knowledge can turn into the biggest hurdle in the future. One can only give their best when they are interested in it.  

Students choice vs. Parents choice

It is the problem of 80% students. Parents wish for their child is in one field and child’s wish differs from that. Several times there are lots of arguments between parents and children. Based on this problem our film industry had also presented movie, 3 Idiots. It sets the biggest example as Farhan wants to be a wildlife photographer but has joined engineering college to fulfill his father’s wish. At the end, he agrees with him and he leaves his engineering and joins photography. This is the problem of every house in our country.

These problems are not obstacles in a student’s higher education but also in their future. It may spoil their future and they may not get the desired job. If a student comes out of passing these hurdles they fly high with endless opportunities.

Students should choose their field with a great care as their whole future depends on a single choice. If time passed, it can never come back.      


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Kanchan Vallecha

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Sharing is Caring-