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Writing is more of feeling than an art. People, who declare that writing defines those who have special talents, are like those, who will define the process of understanding as exceptional.

Writing is the spread of your vision into the eyes of readers. You are a film maker in person if you could write about scenes and screenplays perfectly. You become a wildlife traveler; if you define nature with the perfection it was created. The thing you write is the person you become. That’s the beautification of writing.  The words in the paper are not merely words. They are the scenarios of the world. The truth that is unspoken and the feeling that words fail to feel even after so many tries.

Now coming to the fact about article writing, I have faced several people who fear to write one.


Article writing is not only an official work considering a specific situation but it is also a message. A verdict that you wished to say but you went out of words. The shortage that you faced while explaining was the freedom that let you float in the paper. Article writing shouldn’t confine you in the imagination of only a writer.

If you think that whatever the article I write will be read only by those who read, then you cannot write one.

Imagine yourself among a wide varying audience, where you have got an opportunity to convince people.

Imagine yourself to address a hall full of listeners. Whatever you write should be something that anyone could easily imitate in a public speaking.

It shouldn’t only be limited within papers but it should be wandering with thoughts and feelings.

Write a piece about something which you are satisfied with, something that you look up at. Present your point of view, imagining that this is the last piece of advice that you can ever transport. But what is the reason, that in spite of these clarifications, you will not write one article?

The reason is nothing but self-esteem.  The fear to fail stops you from winning.

Nobody loses in anything. It’s either your fear that hinders your path, or it is your confidence that never gives you any time to identify the failures you faced. It is possible that you will face a hard step back but that shouldn’t be the limit of your flight. You should write again. A better one.A perfect one indeed.

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No matter what anybody will read it as, you should read that with a feeling of self-pride. After all that was not only a piece of writing that you wrote. It was a feeling full of paper that can one day inspire and affect people who have lost hopes and those who have never experienced any connection in the writing. That would be the masterpiece from you and that would be the initial wonder that can originate from your writing.

Keep your heart full of emotions and your pen full of words. The world will eventually wait for your ink and there will be no loss.


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Sharing is Caring-