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How to utilize your vacation period after your board exams?

After slogging for months and pulling all-nighters for days in the end and studying at months stretch the time has finally come when the students can put there put books away and enjoy the period between the exams and their results.

After studying for a months stretch you surely need a break from all the tensions. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t worry about your result it is something that defines the first step in your future life, but why spend your entire two months pondering over something that is already in some way sealed and make yourself feel more and more restless.

Two months is a very long time and trust us there are plenty of activities that you can do to spend your free time as well as discover your own interest –

1. Travel:- the first thing I think everybody would love to do is to get out of the house away from the studious atmosphere and travel. You can travel with your friends or family or even try a solo trip. If you can go on a jungle safari, travel to lesser travelled places or just any place that you wish to travel.

2. Join a hobby class:- everybody has some interest or the other to pursue that interest which had taken a backseat due to your studies you can get back to them. Be it singing, dancing, music etc join classes and brush up your skills, some colleges keep some seats reserved for students in extracurricular so having an extracurricular might come in handy.

3. Catch up with unseen movies or tv series:- this is something that is on the to-do list of every student. Since studying for the board exam is a task in itself, students have to sacrifice their movies and tv shows to focus on their studies. You can now easily binge-watch all your favourite tv series or movies on Netflix or amazon prime without any scolding or tension.

4. Reading or writing:- if you like reading or writing, vacation period is the best time for you to catch up on your writing skills or read books that you’ve been longing to read for so long. If you like writing you can even try to do some freelance writing work online which would look good on your CV.

5. Join an NGO:- if social work is your calling or you like to do some social work you can join a local NGO. you can teach underprivileged kids, volunteer at an old age home or an orphanage. Except for adding that to your CV an activity like this will surely leave a lasting impression on your heart and mind.

6. Counseling:- a very important thing if you are not sure about what do, or are just simply confused about which college to apply for you can go in for counselling sessions and can after talking to a counsellor decide what career path do you want or which college you want to join in.

7. Catch up on your sleep:- something that every kid would love do, so just sleep and catch up on your sleep and wake up feeling refreshed every day.

8. Exercise:- You have just finished your exams and you have probably put in a lot of your efforts & burnt your midnight oil to score better. It’s time to relax & exercise to rejuvenate your body. You’ll look – and, more importantly, feel – better.

9. Relax: Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the holidays and treat yourself over the break period. Its celebration season & you will probably get a lot of party invitations from all around. De-stress yourself & have fun!

10. Do an internship:- there are a lot of companies or websites that offer freelance work internships to students during their break period. Apply for those and get a taste of the real world. You can work from there office or you can even work from home as per your own convenience.

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Sakshi Jain

Sakshi Jain

A kid at heart! I find happiness in the little things that life has to offer me. Writing is my escape from the monotony of my life.
Sharing is Caring-