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How to Think Positively?

We all have heard the saying “Make your mind your slave or you will be the slave of your mind.” This truly applies to all of us as every now and then we keep on thinking in the wrong direction.

During the whole day, if we keep a check on our mind then we can find that most of the thoughts that we have are negative which ultimately take away our energy thus leaving us as tired as a laborer.

Yes, you can do this activity. Just one whole day, try to sit idle and just keep on thinking and what you will find is energy used up, feeling lazy, tired and less energetic.

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This happens due to negative thoughts. Now, how can we think positively and restore our unused energy as well as boosting our energy and enthusiasm levels so that we can easily concentrate on our work and have healthy relationships as well as work and life balance?

positive words

Here, in this blog post; today we will throw some light on several ways through which we can develop a habit of thinking positively so that we hardly have any space left for negativity in our minds.

6 Ways to Think Positively:-

  1. Always opt for positive words while talking: – 

    Pay attention to each and every word you are speaking and the moment you catch yourself speaking any negative word, stop and correct the same with positive one.     positive words

  2.  Use positive affirmations: – Affirmations work a lot and have delivered amazing results. Instead of thinking “I am bad at remembering things”, you can always use the affirmation “My memory is sharp and I can remember things easily”. Practicing such affirmations daily at least for five times or as much as you can, will help you to remain energetic and feel good about yourself.words
  3. Opt for Self-hypnosis: – This is really a good technique for forming a habit of positive thinking. During such state, your conscious mind is active and ready to follow instructions means it will easily accept every positive suggestion given at that time.
  4.  Write down the reasons for getting what you want: – Our mind is the master in finding the reasons for why we will not get what we want. At such times, just sit down and think about the reasons you will get what you want and write down the same. Slowly, you will start believing in yourself for getting that big promotion or for that book being published. Positivity always keeps you happy and healthy, only negativity harasses you.
  5. Practice Visualization: – Visualization is a simple technique where you just close your eyes and imagine that you have got all that you need. Forming an image of what you want to become or what you want to achieve boosts your efforts and motivates you to work harder and harder to reach towards the goal.
  6.  Try to put visualization into action: – Now, you have a good imagination of what you want. Next step is to know how to get that or how you will reach to that position.



Prepare a plan to make that image come true. Question yourself and you will automatically get answers from within.  Doing what is given to you as answers will lead you towards the goal.

Well, saying is easier however it takes time to put these into practice and with practice, you can be a perfect positive thinker. What do you do to stop negative thoughts? Tried something different?

Please share with us in the comment box, we will be happy to hear.

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Sharing is Caring-