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If you are having troubles in your life then you need to read this.

‘I hate you, God. You are heartless. How can you do this to me? I have not done anything wrong to anyone. I have not said anything wrong to anyone. Then, why me?’ We don’t know how many times we have said these lines to God. Whenever we face some unfortunate event in our lives we always blame God for it. Is really God culprit for all our misfortunes? On one side we say that he is our parent and on the other hand, we blame him for the troubles of our life. Can a parent be so cruel? How can God be so cruel when he and his heart are full of love and kindness?

To find the answer to this question, first, we need to understand the role of God in our lives. It is we who decide what we have to do in our lives. Every good or bad deed solely belongs to us. Here, God supports by guiding us to choose the path. Sometimes accidentally we choose the wrong path or sometimes knowingly get trapped by some greed. God just maintains the balance between our karmas. If we have good karmas then we will find happiness and if we have bad karmas then we are going to get troubles. On this basic principle, the whole philosophy of karmas depends.

Our karmas can be from this life or from our previous lives. Even in real life, we can see that one son of parents is very obedient and the other son of the same parents mistreats them. Why does this happen? Depending on our karmas from previous lives we get our relations in this life. Both of the sons have some balance with the parents from their previous lives. The one who is obedient owes some credit of karmas to his parents while the other one has some debt of karmas on his parents. We have to pay the debt or take the credit, either in this life or in coming lives. This is why some people give us happiness, while some become the reason for our troubles.


Sometimes we unknowingly make our karmas bad. Suppose a person is very health conscious. He does regular exercise, practices yoga, and takes care of his diet; still, he suffers from a deadly disease. He is suffering from that disease, may be due to his karmas of previous lives or may be some bad karmas of this life which he doesn’t know. Now, he might think that I have not done anything wrong then why God has given me this disease. In this case, he is making his life more troublesome by sending negative vibes to the universe; as a result, he will receive negative vibes back from the universe. Instead of blaming God or luck, if he accepts that disease and prays to God to give him the strength to face that phase of life, then he can lighten the burden of his debts.

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So friends, whether we like it or not, we have to face every situation in our lives. It clearly depends on us how we handle it. The way of handling situations decides our karmas. We should try not to add any further debt on ourselves by committing any wrong deeds. Just try to create more credits so that our life can be a happier one. Have firm belief in God so that he can give you more power to face the adverse situations and be trouble free.

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Sharing is Caring-