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STRESS: Good Or Bad?

We are all familiar with this word, stress. In our life, we have experienced it numerous times. Still, I want to introduce you to it in a new way.

What do we think it is?

According to us, stress is that pressure in our mind that encourages us to improve our performance and achieve a good outcome. Here I want to ask you that if it is so helpful to get better results of your work then why does the doctor say to not take stress if you have a problem of heart or high blood pressure. Why are various things available in the market that claim to be stress busters?

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] Nowadays there is a competition between people as to who can take more stress. More stress indicates more sincerity towards the work. [/perfectpullquote]

Suppose your child has not stress about his academics. He says that he will easily manage his exams. On the other hand, a friend of your child is extremely tensed. What will happen? How will his exam be? Will he be able to score high marks? Then you scold your child and say that you are not sincere about your studies, that your friend is sincere; how much efforts he is taking. Same is the case in workplaces. An employer puts, After all, it is not stress that kills us, rather our reaction to it.

It is our conception that if we want a good result it is compulsory to put stress on ourselves and on others too.


There is also a concept that when the work is finished we can do other things to get relieved from stress, like go on a holiday, take a break from the office, watch a movie etc. But do you really think that these things relieve you? I know when you are not in the same routine then you will feel relaxed but, what will happen when you will again go back to your normal life.

Will stress be out of your life?

Now let’s understand ‘STRESS’ from a different point of view. We know being a human we have different types of emotions. Some are positive, some are negative. The quality of our subconscious mind is to always be at peace. So to be in that peace we require only positive emotions. Negative emotions need to be controlled. Stress is also a negative emotion and we need to tame it.

Now the question arises how stress is negative when it is helping us to give better results? Without it, there will be a hindrance in our performance. It is creating pressure on our subconscious mind. Due to that pressure, our mind is not in the state of peace, ultimately forming adverse effects on our body, resulting in high blood pressure, heart problems, kidney problems, diabetes etc.  When you take a break to expunge stress, that time also you only divert your mind from it for some time but it is still there in your mind affecting your thoughts, and thus your body. We can get better results of our work without taking pressure as it also affects our efficiency.

So friends now we understand how stress is damaging us, we should be aware that we need to control it. Those controlling techniques we will absorb in our next blog.

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Sharing is Caring-