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We have all had our moments when we have looked into the mirror and let out a frustrated sigh. Our stomach seems either too flat or not flat enough, our thighs either need to put on some fat or shed some of it, our skin should have been fairer or darker, the length of our hair could have been more or less, and the list is endless. People obsess over looks all the time. It is a universal truth- accept it. It is in no way being implied that looks are all that matter, but to deny the fact that they do not play any significant role in our lives would be a blatant lie.

Every person at least castes a sideway glance of casual inspection whenever they catch sight of their reflection. Of course, many even stop to give themselves a thorough examination. When we talk to a person, we fiddle with our hair or adjust our clothes- all these are signs that our subconscious mind wants us to make ourselves impeccably presentable.

Many people think that our looks concern only our physical beauty which has been gifted to us by Nature, but which a growing number are opting to hide or modify through such artificial means as plastic surgeries and cosmetics. They gaze into the mirror longingly and wish that their eyes or nose or lips looked different.

They run their fingers over their skin and lament about how oily or dry it is. They stand against the wall and yearn for the height which they might not achieve. Boys fret over the length and style of their mustache and beard, while girls get vexed over the shape of their body. There are people who bemoan even about the length of their fingers and toes!

Indeed, looks do matter. After all, an impression is created in our mind about a person even before he/she opens his/her mouth, only because of the way he/she looks to us. But looks in their true sense go much beyond the physical profile gifted to us by God. A person truly radiates physical appeal if they are exulting in confidence. When they show poise and grace, they inevitably become more attractive.

This fundamental notion is overlooked by most. People greatly concentrate on their physical features- the shape of their eyes, the colour of their hair, the blush on their cheeks, the curve of their smile and the size of their nose- but the one thing that they most commonly overlook, the thing that sets apart the particular actor, actress or model whose look they are striving for, is self-confidence.

This belief in oneself is what brings out the beauty of a person to both themselves and to the world. When you believe in yourself and your beauty, the world believes in you. Stand tall and have faith that you are beautiful, and everyone will soon be forced to believe you.

But how does one gain such extraordinary level of self-confidence and composure so that we start feeling and reflecting our beauty? It is extremely simple. Stand in front of the mirror and take a long hard look at yourself. The critic within you will immediately spring up to life and start voicing its opinions- it will comment harshly about every physical attribute you possess. The aim is to hush this critic- the moment we stop judging ourselves from within, we realize that no one has been doing it as harshly as we have.

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When you find something wrong with the shape of your eyes, think of how they seem to resemble your mother’s or father’s eyes, and feel the comforting gaze of parental love on you every time you look at yourself in the mirror. Think of your dark skin tone as chocolate, which is loved by all, or if your skin is too light, then think of how you seem to glow like the beloved moon whenever the light falls on you- overlook the negative side and focus on the positive. Maybe you have just that particular type of nose which the next person is yearning for. Look at yourself and think that you are as adorably chubby as a stuffed animal everyone loves, and not fat and ugly. Think of yourself as thin and light as a beautiful gossamer fabric instead of feeling that you’re skeletal.

Whichever attribute of yourself bothers you- be it your physique or your features- think of how it was finely crafted by Mother Nature. No one in this world looks exactly like you. You may find people with whom you share similar features, but no one- and this must be very clearly emphasized- no one possesses just those unique set of features that makes you who you are. Stand tall in front of the mirror and repeat to yourself- I am beautiful! Say this mantra louder and with as much confidence and happiness that you can muster.

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Gather every bit of confidence from the deepest and most hidden corners of your mind, and carry it every moment of your life, no matter where you go or who you meet. When you talk to someone, look deep into their eyes and stop yourself from fidgeting- convince yourself that you are the most beautiful person that the individual in front of you will ever lay their eyes upon.

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Everything in this world has its own pros and cons. No matter where you stand, without the correct attitude, the grass will always look greener on the other side. But by channelizing positivity and self-confidence in they way you present yourself, you can become one of those people who are looked upon for their beauty and grace.
Everyone in this world is unique and beautiful beyond measure in their own way. Remember the wise words of Eleanor Roosevelt-

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Hold this thought in your head as you go through the day, and you will start to love catching sight of your reflection!

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Sambhavi Mishra

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Sharing is Caring-