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“What is success according to you?”

The teacher asked the young boy sitting in the middle row in class at school. The boy thought for a while and replied, “Success is when I drive my cycle straight.” The other students in the class laughed at his answer but the young boy was sure with what he said.

What do you think of this boy’s reply? Is it foolish or it is something not considered as “success”?

According to a dictionary, the word “success” means attainment of higher social status or achievement of a goal or simply, the opposite of failure. Success is something which is within an individual’s mind. People have their own decisions in what they want to be successful. One may want to be a successful engineer and the other may want to be successful to finish a painting. So, like everything around us is different, our way of looking at success should be different as well.

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The young boy finds success in riding his bicycle and that definitely makes sense. He considers that to be his success as he may have failed a number of times before riding it straight. If good exists, bad exists too and likewise, if success exists, failure exists too. But overcoming failure is what true success is all about.

Success cannot be achieved without hard-work or facing failure. Only through failure, we learn the true meaning of success. And if one wants to achieve some goal in their life or something they want to pursue, one must work really hard and make the obstacles an advantage for them and climb the ladder high above to reach the destination called success.

Most of us love traveling, don’t we? Success is like traveling in a bus. Many will want to occupy a seat but the probability of getting the seat in the crowded bus is quite less.

If we do not get a seat in the coming stop, then maybe we will get a seat in the next. Same applies with being successful in what we want. Many people will follow us and we may have a lot of hurdles to jump but we should learn never to give up whatever the situation may be. Only when we keep trying hard, we can get what we want.

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In order to be successful, one must have these qualities: work hard, have patience, have passion, accept failure, be positive and think ahead. If these qualities are satisfied by an individual, he or she can definitely be successful. Having belief in oneself and being confident in what you are doing will let you climb the ladder of success.

As Walt Whitman said, “Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you”, one must be positive and confident in whatever they are doing. Positivity leads to happiness which will eventually make the person work hard and be passionate on the work they are involved in.

Failure is the key to success. Keep climbing the ladder and your hard work will definitely have a positive answer.

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Sharing is Caring-