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As per Hindu Mythology, this world is run by three rulers: Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh, where Brahma is considered as the creator, Vishnu the destiny maker and Shiva – The Destroyer (in positive terms).

We have heard a lot about Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. There are many management lessons that one can learn from Vishnu and many life management lessons from Shiva. But, the thing is, we have never heard anything about Lord Brahma – the creator of this universe.

Does this mean there’s nothing special to learn from the great deity? Well, this can be our myth because every god has something to teach us. However, we have always followed what is shown and taught to us and have hardly tried to know the facts on our own.

Today, we will throw some light on the preaching from the life of Lord Brahma. Before we move ahead; I would like to give you some brief introduction about this deity.

Lord Brahma – The Introduction:

According to Hindu Scriptures, it is believed that Lord Brahma is the creator of this universe and he himself was his own creator. It is said that there was a golden egg in the universe known as “Hiranyagarbha” from which Brahma was born.

He is also known as Svaymbhu means “self-born”. In order to create this world, this supreme consciousness got transformed into the illusion of the seer and the seen, the body and mind, I and them.

Brahma refers to the mind and intellect, Vishnu refers to the life force and Shiva refers to the wisdom beyond ego. If the mind is proper, one can easily lead the life force ultimately gaining the wisdom beyond ego.

It is strange to know that – Brahma is worshipped in Thailand, Bangkok, Cambodia but not much in India. You can hardly find any temples dedicated to him. Most of them are in Tamilnadu, Kerala where as one of the most Brahma Temple is in Rajasthan, Pushkar and another in Sabarkantha, Idar, Gujarat known as Khedbrahma.

Well, this was a very short introduction and some facts. Now, let’s be aware of some encouraging facts from the life of our Creator – the Sachchit.

lord brahma

What Inspiration Brahma gives us?

Brahma and Saraswati mean mind and intellect. The stronger, peaceful and calm your mind is, the more powerful your decisions are. The steady mind can easily focus on anything whereas, wandering mind will also make you wander and jump from one decision to another leading you nowhere.

Generally, if we look at Brahma’s posture; he is always in a meditative mode. This shows us that whenever you are unable to reach a conclusion or you are unable to take the proper decision, just leave it at that moment and be still quiet for few minutes.

Finally, you will be able to take the right decision because your mind works properly only when it is calm and peaceful. Hurrying in everything can worsen the situation. Be cool and calm like Brahma, if you want to get good knowledge and achieve success.

People with special talents must follow the Brahma straits to achieve success and enhance their creativity.

In the real sense or according to Bhagwad Gita, it is shown that Brahma is nothing but a state of mind that experiences infinite peace and bliss. It is a concept to be understood and felt, rather than just being worshipped.

Brahma sits on the Lotus. This Lotus is a symbol of spiritual growth and purity. No matter what life throws at you, always try to remain peaceful and start understanding yourself from within.

Be pure from within. In other words, this lotus petal represents the problems that we face in our daily lives and on these petals sit Brahma and Saraswathi with a calm mind and smiling face. This teaches us to handle all situations calmly with a smile on the face.

Because Brahma itself represents the state where everything is immortal, every day our body dies and takes birth the next day. This can only be understood if we are willing to know our inner side.

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If your body is impermanent, then why to mourn at things and relations that are just a temporary phase in life? With this, I mean to say that whenever we face any drawback or failure, just understand that this is a temporary phase of life and “This Shall Pass Soon”.

No one can stop you from getting old, in the same way, if you are striving hard and constantly making efforts, then no one can stop you from reaching your goals. Without destruction, there’s no creation.

Without failure, success is impossible. Whenever you fall down, understand that you are a step ahead towards success because if you had not traveled this much distance, you would not have failed.

Fearing from failure and going back shows that you wasted your efforts because once you get up and step ahead, the destination is just a mile away but if you fear and go back, the entire distance that you traveled till now is nothing but a waste of your efforts.

Downturns, depression, failures, down fall show us that we have made a good journey and now, we are just are a few steps away from the destination.

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Next time, when you feel like ending your life; remember Lord Brahma and understand that everything here in this world has its own time and nothing lasts forever. So, whatever problem or issue you are facing, this will have its end too.

Just wait with a calm mind and start thinking of what will happen if tomorrow your problems get solved. How happy you would be. Start living in that happy state. Show your mind how lucky you are by having things/ relations/ health that others don’t have.

This will transform your thinking from positive to negative thus giving you the courage to face the saddest moments of your life. Found this post really encouraging? Share this with your colleagues and friends and show them the ways to “Boost Thyself”.


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Sharing is Caring-