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It was Nov’17 when I had to get admitted into hospital for a minor surgery and all my daily routine went off track for a week or so. Therefore, It took me quite a few days to be on track of my schedule again which made me think over – how I can be more effective in my routine managing my personal, professional life and for my vision & dream.

Because, it was the time when I was loaded with work and responsibilities more than ever. One evening after the office, I went directly to a park and seated on a bench where there was no crowed. Putting my chin to my folded hands, I started pondering about where am I going. I chose to contemplate over the things than having stress or worry about it. Hence, I came up with the idea of penning down my own resolution for the upcoming new year 2018.

After coming home, I took my laptop, connected to charging point(as it goes off if I don’t connect to the charger – Battery Issue) and made a Google Doc of my resolution which I had to work upon. Being in the end of year 2017 and getting 60% of the resolution accomplished that year, I had more confidence for 2018. Hence, in the beginning of Dec’18 only, I wrote my resolution and vowed to make it true. And today while writing this article, I feel immense happiness to share with you all that I became successful in accomplishing almost 90% of my resolutions and that came true as well.

To many of my friends who often ask me about how I manage my schedule, I respond, “Its my self discipline for the value of vows which makes me stick to my words. Therefore, I succeed in following my schedule without fail. I’m loyal to my own words”

The price of Discipline is less than the pain of Regret. – Nido R. Qubein

When I say the above statement, it doesn’t mean that I do not go off track or I do not fail in following the schedule. Of course, being a human being I also go off track but whenever it happens my subconscious mind sends an alert to my conscious mind and heart to not let this happen again. It’s very difficult to follow our own words, there are many difficulties and obstacle come which will try to make you go off track. But if you have the control over your subconscious mind, you’re gonna win the battle.

Let’s come to the main point without any further blabbering. So, I’m gonna share few of the key points which boosted Mr Booster to stick to his resolution tasks-

1. Early rising, daily Yoga & Exercise – This is the very fundamental thing which everyone should perform to be more effective in one’s daily routine. It was my resolution for the year 2018 to do Yoga daily, and I still do this daily. For past one year, I had made my habit of sleeping early and waking up at 4 AM in the morning. Going to walk for 5-10 mins right away just after waking up has always taken me away from the lethargy and of course it helps to make my slumber go away.

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And the day had arrived when the schedule had been damn busy, no time to read books, no time to think stuffs, no time to self-introspection, and of course there wasn't the time to manage the stuffs which were actually my sole responsibility. . . . And perhaps for the first time, instead of contemplating, I worried about the things how will I be able to manage. And as usual, I couldn't stick to those worries for long. . . . I came on the track and started contemplation, what are things I should skip, those which are not that important. . . . Took my laptop, typed the stuffs on Google Keep which were on priority. . . . And the list went on and it was the time to cut the things which I could skip, but got nothing like such tasks. . . . I feel suffocated when I do not complete my own work especially when it's about my dream. . . . Being a human being how can I keep on working 16 hours a day? So that was the time to do the self-introspection, how can I manage the things. . . . And it was the time when I had started reading the autobiography of Gandhi ji. While reading his life journey, I recalled the journey of APJ Abdul Kalam and of course the content of The Monk who sold his Ferrari hit my mind. . . . And the next moment was just WOW because then I had taken the oath of performing Yoga and mediation. . . . It was my first day when my trainer was coaching me while I was performing the meditation. She announced and asked us to inhale the positivity and exhale the negativity. . . . . And now I'm still doing the same not only while performing yoga or meditation but all time. . . . The journey of Yoga is still going on and of course it will be with me for the rest of my life. . . . By the way, I'm concluding here, this is the secret of my managing the schedule. Because now I have been able to work continuously for 16 hours. I can wake up early in the morning at 4am even if I sleep at 1am. . . . I do remember before Boosting others I need to boost myself 😇 . . . #BoostThyself #Yoga #meditation #Suryanamaskar #Selfrealisation #self #introspection #writing #reading #motivation #MrBooster #inspiration #Boost #life #time #schedule #reading #books

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2. Book reading – Book reading has been one of my best habits for past 2 years. It really helps to think beyond because one does not only feel the experiences of character in the books but also live for each pages of the book. I had vowed to accomplish reading 12 self help books which I have almost completed except one and half books.

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It often happens with us that we get bored while reading and sometimes we fall asleep while taking the book on our face. I have made a strategy to not get bored of reading self help, business or spiritual books.

Whenever I get bored with these books, I pick any fiction novel of romance or adult fiction genre or simply prefer watching any series. The fiction novel has been quite a good formula for me to keep exploring the books of other genres.

Book reading has been the habit which puts me away for travelling by personal transport as I always travel by public transport so that I can utilize my time to read books. Now, I started carrying the earmuff even just to avoid the disturbing noises while reading.

3. Managing the time by working on my Non-Urgent but important tasks- Recently, I read a book named 7 habits of highly effective people. The time management formula has been mentioned in this book very explicitly how we should prioritize our work. After reading this book, I felt immense happiness because many of the things I had already been practising. But after reading the book, it made me realize how wonderful result it can give if one practices those habits daily.

If you’re also falling somewhere to manage the time, work-life balance and leadership skills, I would highly recommend you to read this book.

I consider this book as Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta of Hindu religion as it focuses on very fundamental things which we all know but we are not aware of its importance.

This book teaches us a concept of time management by dividing our task in four quadrants –

Quadrant 1 – Urgent & Important

Quadrant 2 – Non-Urgent & Important

Quadrant 3 – Non-Important & Urgent

Quadrant 4- Non-Important & Non-Urgent

Time Management by Boost Thyself
Time Management Quadrant

I prefer working more in Quadrant 2.

4. Surrounding myself with good friends be it in real or virtual life –
Friends play an important role in one’s life. As it is said, “Having a friend to listen to your problems and discuss them with you is the beginning of finding a solution.”

There are many in my friend circle with whom discussing the task I do for my paradigm shift or experiences I gain on daily basis has been quite an amazing learning in Life. One of those is Kanchan, a very positive, humble and optimistic girl who works too with me in Boost Thyself. We both are follow up taker of each others for the tasks which we do for our dream and vision.

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Sometimes, I also do not get time for the tasks of Quadrant 2(Refer Time Management Pic), it’s she who reminds me to do my homework. And most of the times, I get inspired intuitively through her work and her way of living life. I’m truly blessed to have such amazing people in life. We also do some test cases experiment on psychological concept. A few months back, she, being a teacher in an International School, had conducted a test case for the students of her class. And she succeeded in shifting the paradigm of many of the students. I felt really proud when she shared that the parents of a student came for the Parents meeting and literally started crying with the tears of happiness saying – it’s she who had changed their son in the positive way.

5. Understanding the next person before expecting myself to be understood –There are many scenarios which come in our lives when we claim that the next person doesn’t understand us or our feelings. It really becomes very difficult to tackle such situations because, it hurts us most and make us worry about it a lot.

I have started implementing the habits of listening the next person empathetically to understand his/her situations thoroughly before expecting myself to be understood.

A few months back, one of my clients mailed me with full of harsh words. I called him after reading the mail and the moment he received my call, he started throwing tantrum in high pitch voice. I didn’t utter single word except the “Hello” which I had spoken when he had received the call. Once he went out of words and his tantrums, I spoke understanding his situations and loss of business which he claimed whereas there wasn’t any loss, “Mr. X, can I share my point now?” And after sharing my points how I was helping his business to enhance in other way which caused delay in that work for which he threw all these tantrum, he himself apologised on call and even on mail.

I imagine, what scenario would it have been if I had also reverted him in the same intensity of tantrum ?

6. Feeling of Gratitude and Apologize – I believe in the deposits into emotional bank account. Therefore, feeling the gratitude of things I have, had always helped me to stay positive. And in case, I make a mistake or any withdrawal happens by me, I’ve the disposition of apologizing calmly and introspect the root cause of this so that I can avoid it next time.

I remember the line said by Paulo Coelho in his book – People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.

Therefore, you’re not the different species on this earth. You have to just ponder over the things what you have to do in your life and realize your mission, vision and a true dream.

And then just make a resolution that you’ve to focus on quadrant 2 more than anything else and there you go.

Wish you all the best!!

Do let me know what resolution, you’re gonna make for 2019 in comment box if that’s not much personal !!

Sharing is Caring-