Sharing is Caring-

How strange is the generation we live in? How has it seen such a tremendous shift for the worse without anyone bothering too much about it? Why is being cold, blunt and heartless so attractive and desirable? How is someone who has no regard for another person’s feelings considered to be attractive? 

This is the very idea that has seen a drastic change. We live in a generation which has shifted its very ideas of human nature. Humans are known to be interdependent species, to be one of a kind due to their nature and behavior.

Surviving with mutual support and help from one another is the one strategy which has sustained the human race through evolution. We are species who need the presence of other fellow beings for physical, emotional, mental and moral support.


As much as independence is favored, it is not desirable to abandon one another and turn cold hearted and ruthless. Being able to grow with the support of one another is much more desirable due to the care and nourishment we receive from the other person.

Being anti social does not mean the person is cool, hurting someone else does not make one cool, arrogance and disrespect do not make someone cool. Although they might grab one all the attention they need at the moment, but they will not be the people who will be remembered for their good deeds.

The attitude of indifference and not caring makes other people avoid the person in the long run and popularize for all the wrong reasons

Relationship statuses are changing from “single” to “taken” to “it’s complicated” to “we split” in the blink of an eye. Commitments don’t last anymore because they are not cool.

We live in a generation that has normalized splitting and broken relationships, that considers being cold as a display of power, running from one another an achievement on its own. Bollywood and the other film industries have romanticized this idea which influences countless people, especially teenagers.

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Would you rather look at a show with the leads being cold to each other which is supposed to be “romantic” or a show with the leads showing each other actual care, concern, and respect from the start?

What would DDLJ look like if Raj and Simran weren’t initially cold to each other? How would Indian daily soaps and shows be with everyone loving each other and living in harmony?

If more than half the people have trust issues today, it’s solely based on the fact that everyone has turned cold; their hearts have turned blue and have been longing for love, which unfortunately seems to have become very volatile. Maybe it’s time we start embracing the warmth, spreading kindness and living in togetherness, like we are meant to.


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Sharing is Caring-