Sharing is Caring-

Take a break from gadgets and enjoy the life and your surroundings.

“Oh crap! Power cut AGAIN?” I shouted. 

“Relax. The power will be back in two hours, Mrs. Mishra told me”, Maa replied.

“Two hours without power. My phone was beeping with a low battery notification. How will I pass these two long hours? Where’s the power bank Maa?” I asked her while searching for it.

Battery low


“Your dad took it to the office and forgot to bring it back home”, she answered.

“What the hell! I am bored. Now, what will I do for these two hours without my phone? And no other gadget would work without power. No TV, no computer. Argh!!” I screamed. Just the thought of passing these hours without my phone frustrated me.

“Do whatever you want to. But please stay at home. I’m going out with Mrs. Sharma for shopping”, Maa said while leaving. She left the front door open to avoid that unnecessary awkward darkness left by the power cut.

No power. Maa also went out. Alone at home. The clock says 5:09 p.m. It seems as if it is laughing at me by moving at such a slow pace, slower than a tortoise. Ughh!! 

Reading was not my cup of tea. And especially at this hour, it would have been irritating to read in this semi-dark condition. Winters are on the way, so the sun parts early these days. 

I toil and stroll pointlessly in my house till the clock slowly ticks to 5:15 pm.

As there is nothing to do, I go to my garden and sit on the swing there. The leaves are dancing with the winds. Those cold and humid winds gently touch my cheeks and make them moist. I feel like Mother Nature is welcoming me there. I had been in my garden many times but never felt this because each time I went there, my phone accompanied me.

For the first time in ages, I see those butterflies dancing around the roses. The scent of roses fills the garden. As I step barefoot on the grass, I can feel that tingling effect in my feet. And the sunflowers near the rose bed are like a periscope to that little sunlight peeping through the leaves.

I sit back and close my eyes as the swing moves swiftly. 

All kinds of unusual thoughts surround me.

I think of Newton and argue with Socrates. I relive my childhood again and go back to my teen years. After ages, I think about my first crush. And those treks and camps we went to.

And then I think about the current political scenario of our country and about Donald Trump and his political moves. 

I also cook up a few stories in my head. And bake cakes and cookies regardless of the fact that I am a terrible cook in real life.

I go scuba diving and land on the seabed amidst those tiny fishes staring at me.

I go on a long walk that starts from the sands of Sahara and ends at the Mediterranean Sea Sands. 

I go to unusual destinations. I roam with the Greeks, dine with Akbar, fight a war with Alexander, explore with Columbus, rule the world and die as a martyr.

I dance on streets, treat patients, teach students, feed diners, invent new things, discover new places, run after deadlines, reside in a palace, sleep hungry, and feed the hungry.

I suddenly wake up with a start as I hear my mom saying, “Power is back!”

Power cuts are good at times.

I lived every life possible in these two hours that I ever dreamt of.

It is a break from all these gadgets.

And such break is needed at times.

It feeds your imagination with a fantasy channel that pleases your heart, purifies your soul and relaxes your mind.

And then, I keep my phone on charge. And now I can welcome new meetings and presentations with a fresh mind.

Sharing is Caring-