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The profession is a job where a special training and formal qualification is required.

As we all know that profession is something that defines you in the society, your professional skills have to be superior and you should get a special training for that. There are so many lovely ladies in our country who are not allowed to do the job or run a business after marriage. Such women are commonly called “house-wife”.

If we match them with professionals, there are so many things in common. Both get training, so that chances of mistakes are reduced. Both are punished (verbally) if they go wrong somewhere. They both have bosses above them and so on.


Today, if any child goes for admission in school and if mother’s profession is asked, their answer is: my mother is just a house wife and she does nothing. And you know what does this “Nothing” include? Getting up early in the morning, completing household chores, managing home, managing finance, dealing with maids, growing up kids, taking care of each member in the house, and the list never ends… still each house-wife is taunted that they stay at home all day long doing nothing.

There is one such thing that each house-wife possesses, while on the other hand; professionals don’t, that is- LISTENING TO THE UNSAID THING. Have you ever noticed your wife giving you the needed thing on right time without even demanding it? Or have you ever seen your mother soothing you when you are really very upset (she comes to know that you are feeling low no matter what you do to hide your feelings.) When you have something to share, your sister suddenly comes up to make you feel comfortable by listening everything. So this proves that their senses become really very strong when their family is in danger.

They are very good at MANAGING FINANCES AND OTHER RESOURCES. With least resources also, they can run their family properly. From this, we can say they are the best Financial Managers. She does so many things in a single day without fail. This shows she is good at TIME MANAGEMENT too. They are multitalented. Even after getting scolded, she smiles, jazze herself up, and moves on. She forgives soon. She loves each person unconditionally.

Their biggest responsibility is MANAGING RELATIONSHIPS. They love their In-Laws just the way she loves her own parents. She plays the biggest role in growing kids up. Most of the children have mothers as their ideal. If a guest suddenly comes up and children are in shorts, they can run into rooms. But mothers have to look presentable 24*7.

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They don’t expect any salary in exchange of so many pains and tortures. What she expects is Love, Acceptance and the most importantly RESPECT.  

Do not underestimate any housewife by saying weird things about her. If you still have complaints, just close your eyes and keep yourself at her place and observe her all day long. You will surely get all the answers.


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Sharing is Caring-