Sharing is Caring-

Each person will define it in his own way. It is such a small four letter word, but still, it has the power to change someone’s life. There are different results of hopes. Sometimes, we survive because of hope, while sometimes we blame ourselves for expecting a lot. And this procedure is not internal only, i.e. a person has hopes from other people around him as well.

If we expect something from our own self; we make sure that we make ourself proud. We put our 100% efforts. But sometimes we fail to do so. Then we curse ourselves for expecting a lot. If we cannot fulfill our own goals; how can we expect the same from others?

We hope to get something in return. This hope is only for those who are our nears and dears. If the parents of a “just born child” have dreams about child’s future, such dreams are termed as HOPES. No matter what the child has dreamt for himself; he has to accomplish his parents’ hopes first.

Today, the world is full of competition. The biggest burden of this competition is borne by children and teenagers. Parents always want their child to be on top. There has to be a talent in every child. It could be sports, dance, melodious voice, etc. And the funniest thing is- a child must have talents in him, but he cannot use it as a profession. According to parents, there is high insecurity in these fields.

Well, it is a fact that there is very tough competition, but there is nothing wrong in giving a try. They must believe in children and motivate them to fulfill their dreams. Above everything else, parents need a bright future for their children. And what is better if this “bright future” is achieved as per children’s own wish.

As this child grows up to teenage, he faces board exams, the toughest time of life. It is time to become serious with life. Now there are only school, tuitions and books for you. With all these, you also have burden of your parents’ hopes with you. Even Sundays are not meant for the holiday. Instead, students are supposed to study more during holidays. And the day, when results are revealed, is the most hectic day of life. If you got good marks, your grades are compared with others and they make you feel insecure. If you got less marks, it has already become your worst day of life.

Similarly, this society too wants us to behave a certain way. Everyone is hoping for a big change in our country. We want changes in infrastructure, we want the change in mentality and attitude of people, we want everything to get better. The only thing we don’t want is- to BE A CHANGE. No one wants to take an initiative. Everyone expect it from others. And the moment someone tries to take an initiative; society starts discouraging him by saying “this is not your cup of tea”.

One should never hope or expect something from others. Neither one should give fake hopes to someone. If you are investing your trust in someone; make sure the person is able to do your task without any problem. Your hopes must not create a burden on someone. It will make both the parties feel embarrassed if work is not done in the desired way.


Sharing is Caring-