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Human beings have a range of emotions. Love, hate, greed, envy, arrogance, lust are these emotions, to name a few. Every emotion has its own place in our life. Can you all imagine a world without any emotions? I guess no. We will be no better than a robot if we lose any or all emotions from our life.

Amongst all the emotions inside us, Hope stands out from the rest. “HOPE” is not just another four letter word in the English dictionary. It’s an emotion that binds all other emotions with our life. Hope is the essence of life. Without hope, a man is as good as dead.


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“When I had nothing, I had HOPE” a catchphrase that has been passed through centuries without losing its sheen. The phrase simply implies the story of many people around the globe who had nothing except hope and how hope paved the way towards their success. Many famous people have quoted this in their interviews.

So what makes hope stand out from the rest of the emotions?
Hope unlike other emotions is not dependent on situations, it is independent of itself, for hope is a mere reflection of how a person perceives a situation he/she is in. Hope is the self-belief inside us.

Hope is our driving force to excel in life. An employee works hards in office in hope of promotion, a student studies hard to get a seat in a good college, parents toiling hard to get a good future for their kids, a farmer working hard in his field in the hope of good crops, the list goes on and on. Hope is the reason we desire to live even after facing all obstacles in our life path.

But then like all other emotions even hope can leave us in the dark when we need it the most. Just like a shadow leaves us in the dark, we lose hope in our bad times. A failure in our path can be a reason of lost hope. Yes, it’s not easy to maintain hope when you have seen the worst of circumstances.

It’s common to lose hope when you have failed to achieve your desired goal even after giving everything you have.  Hope is no guarantee of success. It is just a push from within you to your effort to do better. Remember no one is too hopeless to start from scratch again. For everyone has hope even without their knowledge.

Think of setting an alarm on your alarm clock even though you have no idea whether you will live to see the next day. This is hope that is within us, which keeps us going on, even with hardships.

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We sleep at night with the hope that the next day would be better than the previous day. This circle keeps on repeating every day till our last breath and if we lose hope in between, we will be like a body without a soul.

So, if we give up hope of achieving our dreams, we will never be able to fulfill them. Before you think of giving up on your dreams think of all the sacrifices you made to fulfill your dream and maybe your wish to give up your dreams may change and the lost hope within you may re-surface to give the last push to your dreams.


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Sharing is Caring-