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There was a boy, named Kshitij who was very passionate about dancing. He used to practice every day with wholeheartedness. Once while returning home after classes, he met with an accident. He was admitted to a hospital. After examining, the doctor told his parents that he had got two severe fractures in his right leg and that he needed bed rest for 9 months. The Doctor also added that his knee was badly injured, therefore, special care should be taken.

When Kshitij came to know that he had to rest for 9 months he was very gloomy as he had to miss his dance classes. Kshitij asked the doctor when could he join his dance classes again? The Doctor was surprised to his question and replied with a grief,  “Dear, It will be good if you forget your dance forever because your knee has injured badly. It will be impossible for you to join dance classes again”.

Kshitij was baffled after hearing the reply and cried bitterly. After 10 days, he got the discharge from the hospital. He went home and his parents took great care of him. They tried everything that would bring the smile on his face, but Kshitij was upset. His friends also came to meet him and tried to convince him. They told him that he is good in paintings also, so he should forget dance and try paintings. Kshitij was quiet and didn’t reply anything.  

Every day while sitting in the veranda, he used to observe a baby bird who was trying to fly but was falling down repeatedly. After few days that bird flew away happily. This baby bird’s incident gave him an indication. It brought a smile on his face. He decided that he will not leave his passion for dance; he will try to practice his dance steps in different ways after his recovery.

He started searching different moves on the internet. After 9 months, his fractures were removed and the doctor suggested him to exercise for 3 months. Every day he used to exercise under a supervisor. From those exercises, he decided to form new dance steps without any harmful effects. This took a lot of time, but he was able to dance again. Everyone was surprised to see him dancing. He also took part in a dance competition and won the first prize. That day he showed little ray is enough to move towards shinning life and that ray is called ‘HOPE’.

Hope is a ray which shines in the darkness. It is a signal that reflects something good is about to arrive. Hope is a magic stick which turns dark days into the shining days. When your heart says ‘Yes 10% chances are there’, that means there is a hope, things can be changed. When the world says no, it’s not an END.

HOPE = Convert that 10% TO 100%

Hope is a star that directs you when all doors are locked and takes you on a journey of success.

Where does Hope live?

Here is a poem, which will tell you where hope comes from?

A girl with high dreams,

Wishes to fly up with wings,

She shares her dreams with others,

Instead of motivating her,

People laughed on her dreams.

They say it’s just false wish,

Which can never be fulfilled.

She became nervous by hearing those words,

She was speechless.

She was surrounded by darkness,

Without any solutions and light,

She roamed here and there,

But she returned back empty.

She started questioning herself,

Her mind said to quiet,

While standing in front of mirror,

Her heart murmured, “Yes, you can”.

She took a warm breath,

And started to follow the light,

That light came from within,

Which is called “HOPE”.

Hope lives with you only. When everyone leaves your hand, negativity surrounds you from all angles, but your heart whispers “ALL IS WELL”. That voice is of HOPE.

It resides with you, in your dreams. You should never believe in negative vibes that you get from others. People will misguide you because they are not capable of what you are, they can’t do what you can. So always listen to your heart. It will give you the correct solution. Hope also resides in dreams. Dreams blossom where hope resides. If you wish to achieve something, hope will pilot you towards it.

As Goddess of food resides in our house in the form of MOM, Hope resides in our own self in the form of belief.

Just we have to stay calm when we are surrounded by problems without losing courage and confident in own self. One small straw can also direct us in our way.

You can visit in every corner of the world in search of solutions, but you can’t find any solution if you are hopeless. Hope is the only way to keep the dreams alive.

Hope comes from our expectations, desires and confident in own self. Hope is a Green signal which tells us we can reach our destinations.

Have you set your dreams?

Does your hope reside within you?

Why is hope important in our life?  

There are many obstacles that we face in our day to day life. We all have our goals in our life. It is difficult to remain goal-oriented without hope. In the midst of problems, hope gives us the confidence to remain patient. It tells us that still, we can sustain.

Hope is the pillar of existence.

The world is full of evil spirits and survival in the mid of evils in impossible without hope. It is like the sun after the dark night. Life would be dreary without hope.

Here are some points showing the importance of hope:

1) Problems are temporary, but the hope is permanent. It is like oxygen that tells us still we can survive. It is the sign that shows after sour days, sweet days will arrive.

2)    To give feathers to our dreams, hope is important.

3) Hope motivates us when no one encourages us.

4) To remain positive in life, hope plays the key role.

5) Hope helps us to welcome wonders in our life.

6) Hope is a painkiller when our body is tired after struggling.

7) Rich or Poor, existence without hope is not possible.

There was a man, named Sunil. He was very rich. He and his wife were well settled. Life was full of endless comforts and happiness. Their house was like a palace, people use to visit their house. They had everything in their life. His business was going smoothly. In one project, he put all assets and valuables. He knew it was a very risky project, though he invested.

After a month, he came to know that he is going to lose everything that he had. One evening, he returned home and narrated everything to his wife. After that, he left the home. His wife was worried as negative thoughts surrounded her. She was waiting for her husband. At midnight he returned back to home. His wife asked him many questions as she was afraid to lose him. She tried to console him that everything will be fine. His husband took a chart paper and started drawing something. She was astonished to see that. After an hour, he showed her the new plan that he prepared for the new beginning. He also promised his wife to have old days back with same comforts.

All this was possible because he didn’t lose his hope after losing everything in his life. He had confidence and hope that he can still have everything in life once again. Hope helped him to proceed with planning and efforts.

So, always be calm and patient and never lose hope. It’s a hidden key to successful life.

How do Hope works?

Hope is like a wheel, which helps our life to rotate when we are directionless. It works like clouds and spectators our efforts that we put to meet our targets. It is an energy tonic that is important for healthy living. It works in the situations when we are prison by problems.

Hope works like a staircase and guides us at each and every step. It doesn’t work without efforts. It needs proper efforts and patience while we are far from the destinations. It evokes the feeling that we must continue our journey without any pause or break. Hope and desires are interwoven; hope gives ray to accomplish our goals.

Hope is a panacea that works when combined with confidence and efforts

Life is full of sufferings. Hope is a strong belief that endures hardships when no one cares. It holds us tightly even when our own shadow lives us. It assures us that something good is on the way.

No one can take away your hope from you. Always remember things can be changed, they are not that much worst as they look, it’s just your way to observe.  If you have faith and hope in yourself, you will rise after hardships also. When others will push you towards failure, hope will push you towards victory. Miracles happen every day, so never lose hope. You never know what is next.

Have you ever faced tough times?

How you overcame difficult situations?

Do share your experience in comment box.


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Kanchan Vallecha

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Sharing is Caring-