Sharing is Caring-

I remember the days of my childhood, yes those good days. The days when our parents brought us everything we needed or wanted. But, it was not always true because sometimes those were just hollow promises, sometimes they were little white lies. But it kept us distracted and at the same time engaged.

Maybe, eventually we did not get those things, but we never stop believing, because they had given us hope.

But, as we grew older we became mature and of course witty. So first, we analyze and then respond. So we don’t believe in those fake hopes now because we know the consequences and precisely we are afraid of those consequences. Thus, we now set realistic expectation levels.

Surely, keeping hope sounds childish. As we are now adults, blessed with wit & wisdom, we know things. And we get to know things, sometimes before even doing them. A child can dream of being an Astronaut and when he visualizes it, he feels it like he was just about to step his foot on the moon.


But an adult, who tries to dream of being an astronaut, will initially think about the hardships of being an Astronaut, he shall think about the tough competition and all the other obstacles in his path. And he will drop the idea before even giving it a shot. So an adult shall refuse to find the silver lining called hope and just move on.

I’m not saying that we should stop analyzing thing and stop making smart decisions. But we should really feel that idea of being fearless again. We should be hoping for good in bad times, we should be hoping for the light in dark days and we should be hoping for love in times of hatred and jealousy.

But we cannot hope that because we have the ability to focus on things that we’re going to lose instead of what we’re about to gain from that. As I mentioned earlier, since we are mature individuals, we do things which give us something in return and we always aim for productive results.

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We surely have forgotten the feeling of satisfaction, those words that we said to ourselves. That positivity & innocence are just faded memories now, yes puerile words but true. But, we can’t hope now because we have trapped that child inside us in a dark, suffocating corner of our soul.

However, we can release him and start hoping again, feel the satisfaction and live a life without regrets. Because every day we will hope for good.

I hope one day we all will set our inner-self free from all bondages and live life the way it is supposed to be cherished.


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Sharing is Caring-