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We all 7 billion people in this world have different physical structures: different eyes, different skin but individuality is definitely not related with this. Individuality defines your uniqueness as a human, that you have a different perception, different skills, and different choices than other. And, this different ‘You’ is the result of the balance of what you feel inside and your surroundings, and if both the things from outside and inside collide then you can see the real you.

But, individuality is neglected by everyone including yourself. Everyone believes (though they don’t confess it ) they are different only by the physical attributes and same in everything else. Same procedure to live and to die. The harshness of life is a big thing to cope with, and this perception comes from that ‘we are no different’. And this is how your uniqueness dies.


Building your character and improvising it till the end of your life is what we should do. But, we don’t do it by ourselves we leave this on the surrounding and of course the people, group of friends of school or college, love partners and your colleagues. We just follow what events are happening by neglecting our intuition. Because we are afraid of being different and making different choices. We have seen this in our whole life that whatever is different precisely ‘things that do not fit’ is not acceptable. And this fear is what holds us back from accepting who we really are.

In love life also sometimes dedicating yourself to a person which means life to you can result in loss of individuality. We get involved so deep and forget about the real world and our absence from that. Because our world now revolves around that person. But I really think these things never last and whenever you wake up from this dream,  you will realize what you have lost.

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This rat race is another thing that fades the real you. Responsibilities or wishes of our parents or guardians or whatever reasons there can be which happen to make the choices that are different from what we want. This does not mean that we should start being selfish. Instead of that we should figure it out ourselves and keep that alive whatever it is wishes or dreams. As we know, the harshness of life is a big thing to cope with but it is not hard if you start believing in yourself.

You need to understand that you are not just a Registration Number in the government databases, you are not just another person in this world because you are more than that. Don’t let the real you die inside of you. Maybe that can be stupid, silly or not very conventional but that is who you are: an unconventional individual here. Believe that, because only then you will feel alive and satisfied.


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Sharing is Caring-