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What is a good relationship? What is needed to maintain a good relationship with the other? Have you ever thought about these? Relationships give meaning to our life irrespective of whether they are connected by blood, friends, relatives, collegues, marriage or simply the people we love and don’t want to lose. We live in a world where social medias over rule humans.

The fact that we didn’t get as many likes we wanted in a post upset us more than our friend not talking to us. Where is this heading to? We are becoming so involved in commenting and liking pictures or status in social media that we don’t really observe what is happening near us.

good relationship

This is relatable. Isn’t it? When we spend few hours and talk with our parents or grandparents about what they think about where this younger generation is heading to, their answer will be “Running a race to compete others to get more likes and views”. I totally agree with this. We are running a rat race to compete the other but it is not a healthy compete.

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There were days when as a family we used to sit together and talk of what happened to us at school or workplace. But today, we have no real time for those talks. The basic problem with all of us today is Verbal Communication. Sharing thoughts, ideas, plans, etc are a part of good relationship but do we do it? The importance of communication is well known to us but we don’t follow it because we feel the other is not ready or we are busy with our own lives.

When was the last time you sat with your family or friends and spoke to them about your interests and plans? Yes, there are few who have the habit of communicating on a daily basis to their closed ones but there are a lot many who don’t.

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What is the other thing needed to have a good relationship with the other? It is Trust. Trust is something which makes one believe that they accept the other person the way they are. When you trust someone, you don’t need to think twice before telling anything to them.

That makes the whole communication easy. I have heard people saying, for long distance relationships, trust is the most important. But, according to me, for every relationship trust is important. It is the very pillar for a good relationship. Respecting the other person is also important. Respecting each other’s views and ideas can bring in a good amount of happiness to each other’s life.

In order to maintain a good relationship, we require a lot of things to put in. Can you think for a while about how good you are at maintaining your relationships in your life? We take few things for granted. Many of us don’t spend our time with our grandparents or parents thinking that they are old and they won’t understand our opinions and views. Is that so? No. Parents and grandparents would love to spend their day talking to us, sharing their experience and enjoy every moment with us when we sit to talk with them even if it is for an hour.

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Their happiness is listening to us. But we become addicted to likes and tweets and have no time for them. Right? Our world is in our hands, the smart phones that we hold as though it’s our whole life. Can’t we sit back and think? That will make us understand more clearly.

Communication is everything. When we open up to someone, we feel relaxed and happy from inside. Tweeting and updating status maybe can make one feel happy but not always. Social media is a platform to exhibit talents and new ideas but communication is the key for living.

We should always have a good relationship with others. We do need a support system to support us and that is possible only with good relationships with people we love. Think about it over a cup of coffee.


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Sharing is Caring-