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When we see around us, our society really has bigger problems to deal with like education, unemployment, terrorism. But, some problems that are affecting the sense of security and peace around us are prevailing in our society that is really harmful. One such problem is Harassment. We really don’t need any statistics for this, but at some stage of life everyone has faced this. It is true that we all are victim of some kind of harassment.

Harassment is that act, which can make someone feel physically and mentally exploited. And, people at large scale become victim of it regularly.

I know, we humans have grown gradually, from where this mentality has come that one is superior from other. Yes, we are different. Agreed! But, at the benchmark of humanity, who is different? Nobody! But, this is where Harassment begins.

Harassment includes a major feeling of jealousy and inferiority, if someone doesn’t have something, they try to get it or destroy the person who has it. And believe it or not, most of the people find the latter one easy. If we just focus on the physical appearance then we know we are different because of all those biological reasons, but most of the people link it with fate that they don’t have bright skin, good physique or anything else and here we feel jealous and insecure at the same time.

And the person, one with good physical appearance and one with the bad are harassed in different way. Both are excluded from a major group because they are different, though they are not responsible for that but, who cares. We can’t cope up with you, thus we push you away.



Women are harassed because they are Women. Every single woman is harassed irrespective of their clothes and color. And this thing progressed to molestation and to the incident of killing humanity: Rape. But this doesn’t mean that rest are not the victim, they too are raped, by the way, guys see them and comment on them and made them realize that, for this world, they are just sex toys and that is what makes them devastated.

I just really can’t believe that the reasons behind the harassment, your poverty, your physical disability, your color, your caste, your religion, your body (that makes them arouse) are some senseless reason due to which people are harassed. Just a group of people of some corrupt mentality has decided to push a different person from them, so they tease and torture them to death.

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Measure of resolving this is really never going to come in any kind of rule on papers. Because it is the matter of how healthy is your surroundings. If you find something like that, stop it. If you have ever met a person with such corrupt mentality, correct them. Because killing here doesn’t make sense, instead of that, create a healthy environment that works. Don’t hesitate, feel good about your uniqueness and don’t participate in harassment and don’t accept to be a victim too.

Don’t behave like crabs inside a bucket. If someone tries to climb it and want to set himself free, don’t push him back. If you do so, you too are a threat for the peace establishment. So ask yourself,

Are you a crab too?


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Sharing is Caring-