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Is happiness so powerful that it can heal physical diseases?

Well yes, it surely does. Happiness not only heals our mental imbalances but also treats so many threatening diseases of our body.

The first thing we need to understand here, is Happiness and Health go hand-in-hand. They are like “Partners made in Heaven.” Both are incomplete without each other. These are two best friends that can make our life on this planet super exciting and enjoyable.

The basic causes of almost all the diseases are- STRESS AND DEPRESSION. The only way to fix these problems is being Happy. Stress is the outcome of our over thinking. On the other hand, Happiness is another name of contentment. If we are fully content and satisfied with whatever we have, why would we over think?

Also, depression is the outcome of jealousy. We all know that getting jealous won’t do anything good to our body. And as per my research , haven’t found anything positive about jealousy. But if you ask me “How to overcome jealousy?” The answer I would give would be –“ Be happy with what you have. Work Hard and Have patience for what you want.”

Not only happiness helps us as a “stress buster”; but it also provides solutions for – A bad immune system, Chronic pain, Brain related issues and so on.

Do emotions affect the health of Brain?

You would be surprised to know that many of the brain diseases can be avoided just by choosing to be Happy. Brain deals with stress hormones. If we don’t have good command over stress, how will we be able to fight against anything else?



What are the effects of ‘Being Happy’ on our Brain?

  • Happiness stimulates the growth of nerve connection
  • Improves cognition by making us more productive than usual.
  • Improves our ability to analyse things properly.
  • Strengthens the thinking procedure.
  • Make us more attentive to understand things in a better way.
  • Happy people are more creative.
  • Happiness helps us solving the problems faster.
  • Happiness polishes our brain in such a way that the person is always mentally alert.

Does Immune System and Happiness share a CONNECTION?

The brain has a good connection with stress hormones such as- adrenaline and cortisol, which have wide-ranging effects on the nervous system as well as immune system.

In short term, these hormones benefit us with heightened awareness and increased energy. But if it is prolonged; it gives negative results and affects our immune system very badly.

The feeling of relaxation reduces cortisol, together with other beneficial body responses. In turn, these changes feed into the immune system, making it function well. This happens spontaneously in our daily lives, but we also can encourage it by choosing to look after ourselves.

Happy people have good eating and healthy eating habits. They have good command our themselves. Their body is less likely to attract any disease easily. This enhances their immune system as well. Because of a healthy immune system, they suffer less pain and less fatigue than others.

Being depressed or anxious is linked to catching more infections and experiencing the symptoms more strongly.

Some scientifically proven health benefits of happiness are as follows

1) People who score better in the tests related to happiness, produce 50% more antibodies than a flu vaccine would provide.

2) Happiness can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

3) Happiness can provide relief against Hypertension.

4) Happiness reduces the risk of various infections because of better immune system.

5) The people who own jolly nature, experience less fatigue as compared to upset people.

6) Happy people exposed to a cold virus express fewer symptoms than unhappy ones.

7) The people who laugh a lot, suffer less pain (caused by any reason) than the ones who laugh less often.

8) Depressed people are more likely to have Type-2 diabetes. This is so because stress hormones raise blood sugar levels. This is why doctors suggest them to laugh more often.

9) The amount of healing energy is found more in happy people than unhappy ones.

10) People who spend more time laughing have excellent circulation in their body ( laughing is as good as exercising)

11) Happy people are more likely to live longer.

If life gives you 1 reason to cry, give it 1000 reasons of being happy. With this I end my blog and wish you a happy and healthy life ahead.


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